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Ryan’s One Month

Ryan's one month dinner was actually a week after his one month for two reasons, 1) Kaylee's birthday fell on the same day and she was already having a birthday party, that Ryan was invited to and 2) we just didn't have enough time to get our act together.

We had a small intimate dinner of family and friends at Ping's Seafood in Chinatown. The food was pretty good and we got the downstairs area to ourselves, which is how we prefer it.

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Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

According to this link, APA Heritage Month is to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islanders in the U.S b/c the first Japs came in May and the intercontinental railroad (mostly by Chinese laborers) was completed in May. I'm acknowledging it about 18 days too late. It's not really as obvious as Black Heritage Month, so I'd like to use that as my excuse. And I forgot.

Dinner with us are usually rowdy but when in public, we try to be a bit more civilized.