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Henry's deadlines for NYU and UCLA are coming up at the end of this week. We just went to the NYU Preview Weekend and although he met some nice-to-great people, he's still unsure about going to NYU. We're flying out to Los Angeles tomorrow to visit UCLA. We'll be back on Friday, when Henry should have his decision.

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Thanks, Dai-Soh!

For my first blog, I would like to thank Oda for dedicating a portion of her life to the Shams (and the website, too). We are a needy bunch. Attention grabbers, the lot of us. It is quite obvious from the incriminating photos she has [of us], which I hope she will never publish. We owe her much for, not only, hiding these crazy photos but for not divulging any of the secrets from the family vault, in which there are many. Thanks, Oda, for not exploiting us and keeping up the front of a normal family. We love you!

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Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben's Birthday

We had a huge hot pot dinner that included marinated flank steak, fish balls, tofu, roast pork and shrimp and ended it with a mango cake for Ben's birthday. We were supposed to follow it with a few rounds of Texas Hold 'Em, but someone forgot the poker chips, so we resorted to playing high-low for flicks. I actually got flicked four times. Henry, fearing I may get brain damage, stopped the game. We tried to play Life, but all the money was missing. We also got a pic of the three metal mouths with glasses (though one does not really have glasses). What dweebs!

Ben's Birthday

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up and running

I've finally got up and running after months of working and resting and breaking the site. Enjoy!

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Jayden’s First Soccer Game for 2006

Jayden's Soccer Game

Ben and I were up in PA celebrating Ben's birthday a week early at the spa. We also caught Jayden's first soccer game for 2006. I took a bunch of pictures and video for Henry since he missed out on it all. Jayden is of course #8.

Jayden's Soccer Game

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