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July 4th Weekend O’ Fun

This will be a short post. I'll add commentary another time. I just want to put up photos for all to see. Here is the beginning of the weekend, where the "men" tried to put up the tarp. It took them a few tries before they finally got it right. The top middle part just wouldnt keep in place so there was much yelling [from PG].


Then they got tired, and this was the rest of their day.

Here is when the water balloons came out, and HG hit dada square in the head with one. Sad to say, the water balloon didnt pop, so it hurt all the more. (That rat also beamed me in the ribs, which was painful. But he got his day when he was hit in the eye by one, courtesy of PG.)

Here were the fireworks display that Steve & Christian so kindly spent most of Saturday evening creating.

some random pics.


Here's when Mom & Dad and a few of the relatives came to visit. There were 4 other people; 1 adult and 3 kids. The oldest kid was 16 or 17, and he was the only one that spoke English (but that's 'cuz he's an ABC). The other kids' (brother & sister) ranged between 10 - 16, respectively. Their mom is Mom's cousin, on grandma's side.

Hmm, I guess I didn't take that many pictures. Or if I did, it was a bunch of nothing. I cant seem to find any other cute/cool/weird/funky pictures. I know I carried that camera around but I guess I didnt do anything with them. Oh well. These pictures definitely summed up our weekend. Final day of fun.


Macungie Photos

What is a weekend in Macungie like?

Lately it includes Tetris Attack
Jayden and Kaylee having fun with their Hen Q while he tries to nap
Henry running around with the kids
The kids messing with Henry some more
The kids try some Tetris Attack
More picking on Henry
And finally the kids resting

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From the Archives

I wonder who these kids are...

Young Shams

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Local PA Fair

Jayden and Kaylee on a roller coaster.

The kids and I went to our first local country fair, complete with rides, food contests, and farm animals. They had a lot of fun - going on almost every kids' ride. I went on only two rides with them, and I thought I was going to be sick, but they were like "more!" and "faster!" Those kids are coaster fanatics and speed hounds, unlike their mama.

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First Blog

Ok readers, welcome me to the 21st century. I am posting to my first blog.

I don't see the allure with blogging. It's like a diary.

Dear Diary,

Today Suzie was like, I like Billy. I told her I liked Billy. She is SUCH a b-tch! I told Stacie, who was like, Suzie is like totally a b-tch.

Anyways, who the heck wants to read what I have to say. This is probably for the people who feel they have surfed the entire Internet. For you people, I have a story.

The story will be in my second post... (see I already know how to get them coming back for more, or not, I don't give a flying.)

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