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A new year

Another year has gone by, and like many others, I can barely remember anything. What I remember most is working and going to school. Then again, I've been going to school (on and off) for all my life. (Side note, I should be graduating in Summer '07. woo hoo!) Steve & I didnt do much this past weekend. I cleaned. He sat. I reorganized furniture. He sat. I filed. He sat. Well, you get the gist. Dada came down New Year's Eve, and spent it with Steve & I. We did nothing but talk and drink. Yes, Dada had 2 (count them- uno, dos) shots of whiskey & absinthe. After we watched Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve, we chatted like school girls, and passed out. Dick Clark, btw, was slightly slurring and a second or two behind when counting down. Poor Dick Clark. I hope he'll still be around for '08.

Let's see what we did in 2006. In January, we did nothing. February was also a short month. March went by quickly. April was quiet. May ended my spring semester. June was the 6th month of the year. July, I was at mom & dad's for a few weeks 'cuz Steve was in Russia. August, we went to Maine. September, I did some more of nothing. October's Halloween was the first I actually dressed up. November, we went to my first Knicks game & we had courtside seats. December, we actually partied. And there was our 2006. Try not to be overwhelmed. :-)

2007 should be a good year. I might join a gym. I should be graduating. And eventually, I'm going to quit my job and be a bum. Woo hoo!

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Last Shopping Day

We went to the mall today in Pennsylvania for last minute Christmas gifts. It was a beautiful day today, really sunny and warm. The mall was pretty packed, but the line was pretty short at the Disney store. I picked up stuff there, Waldenbooks, Express, Macy's and American Eagle. I think I am officially done. We have a mountain of gifts here now around the tree, not quite under, because the tree is really really low and we really can't fit anything under it. Jayden and Kaylee have sooooo many gifts! They are going to be so excited when they're allowed to open their gifts.

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In Pennsylvania

Henry, Perry and I went to Pennsylvania today because we are having Christmas with Dada and the kids tomorrow. We had to get on the 78W, and we missed it twice before we finally got on i. After that, it was easy, except driving through the rain. We got up there in time for dinner with Dada and the kids. I watched a little bit of Aladdin with the kids. They were singing along with some of the songs, when I did too, Jayden looked at me like I had grown another head. He didn't realize I was telling the truth when I said I originally saw it in the theaters.

Now the kids are in bed and the adults are playing Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy. It's pretty fun and cute looking. I wanna buy it now! If anyone still needs to get me a gift, they can get me this.

Side thing, Perry got eye surgery to get a double eyelid. It looks really weird because they are still swollen and he just looks so odd with a double eyelid now. It's pretty noticable when someone gets it done.

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Sham/Ruiz Family Mug Shots

Here are the pictures that Dada alluded too on one of the posts. Everybody took some pics except Perry. I also had to omit the one Eric took because it wasn't family friendly. I also left out the ones from the Sham parents, if there is a interest in seeing those posted, I will post them too.

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5Dec/062 update2

okay, this is how it starts. the order was placed on 9/27/06. i get an error while placing it, and i email their on the same day telling them of my problem. they dont respond to me, so i contact them through their online form on 9/30/06. they respond to me the next day telling me that "due to extremely high traffic our site was overloaded and unable to process all requests properly. We have rectified all issues and the system is working correctly." i check my account, and apparently, the order was placed. so now, i'm wait for it to get processed. and i wait. and wait. and wait. i email them on 11/21/06 because i havent heard anything from them and my order has not been processed. i get no response. so i call them today, about 20 mins ago. i wait on hold for about 5 mins, until a woman gets on. i tell her my problem, and she looks up my information. apparently, she says, my order was waiting to get "authorization". she "doesnt understand why they have contacted me about my order if they were having problems." i ask her to cancel the order, which she does, happily might i add. i ask for either a confirmation order or email, and she says that they dont do that but she "could get them to email me", and then she hangs up.

apparently, i took up too much of her time with my 3 minute conversation. either that, or she was waiting to go home. if that's the case, i wouldnt have picked up the phone in the first place. man, she was rude. thank goodness my credit card was never charged. i'll probably never get that cancellation confirmation email. we'll see if i ever get charged or even acknowledged. i'd rather not get either.

good thing e.l.f. is sold at 99cents stores. with my bad experience with them, do i want to contribute to their revenue?

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