greediness kills!



Work, you slave,
and never stop.
Work forever,
until you pop.

Work or I'll whip you
and beat you with a club.
Work 'til your fingers are nothing,
nothing, but stubs.

Work for 65 hours a week
and nothing to show.
'Til your life passes you by
and your spirits begin to go.

Work your youth and beauty away,
30 hours a day and 8 days a week.
'Til you start to drool
and your brain begins to leak.

Stop the work and run,
run from the work.
Run as far as you can
before you go beserk.

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Ignorant Peoples

to the world of ignorant peoples...
they are...
obnoxious and loud
stuck up and proud
eating with their hands
eating off the land
ugly and old
growing fungus and mold
smelly and mean
teeth all rotten and green
what i dislike the most
what i think is gross
is the way they talk
out of their butts.

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Beautiful Ladybug

Big D is filled with creativity. Amongst her most infamous writings, she's also written other less known items. Below is an example:

A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful ladybug. She lived with her mommy and her daddy and twelve brothers and sisters. She loved crawling around in the garden around her house and smelling the sweet fragrance of the flowers. The sun always shone and the sky was a wonderful baby blue. Life was good and there was a joy joy feeling of contentment in the air. Joy joy and then one day, her simple happy happy little life was snuffed out by the awful thundering of size nine Reeboks. With the thick rubber sole and spiked tread. Life can be cruel and short. One minute you're smelling the flowers and the next minute, your face is smashed into a petal and the stem-oh that terrible stem- pokes your eyes out.

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Smoldering Embers

I sit here thinking
And feel my body sinking
As if I were shrinking
While an odor is stinking
The air.

I hold my nose
My mouth I close
As my fume blows
I wonder who knows
That I sit here.

My friends would tease
Don't tell them please
That I need to ease
And emit that breeze
Bubbling and tickling my rear.

It is my belief
That this type of relief
While silent as a thief
Gives everyone grief
If they were really near.



The kids are growing up so fast. Just today, Jayden told me he was the "Man for the Ladies". Man for the ladies!! Goodness, this boy is only 7 years old! 7! When I asked if it was for old or young ladies that were Kaylee's age, he said "No, they're too young. 2nd grade." (of course, i'm cutting to the gist of the conversation. there was a lot in the middle but it's all fluff.) I asked him what makes him the "Man for the Ladies", and he replies, "My body and my mind." I asked for the names and social security numbers of these ladies, but he wouldnt budge. I can bet none of his uncles nor his father can say that they were/are the Man for the Ladies. Well, here's a pic of the "Man for the Ladies".

And of course, here's his little sister.

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