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Adorable Girl in Video

Ok, this has nothing to do with the Shams or Ruizes(?), but it was too cute and adorable not to share. Enjoy!

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Mr. Fireball

Today was the day we had waited for, for over a year. And I mean that literally. Since March of 2006, we have been waiting and waiting, and finally, it has come. I don't mean spring. I mean, Crazy Hair Day at Jayden's school. Oh, we had grand plans for this year's design. We spent months and weeks and hours discussing the various ways we were going to win first prize. And more than that, he's been letting his hair grow long since September, with a couple of trims forced on him. And when the moment came, the final design on his hair was decided... by whatever was in stock in the beauty care section of Walmart.

His hair wasn't long enough to braid, and we tried little ponytails all over his head but that didn't turn out too well. So at the end, it was super stiff hold gel, a can of orange glitter hair spray, and a blow dryer. We went with "Head on Fire."

flaming head.JPGflaming head side.JPG

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Henry is Back!

I got voicemail from Henry that he is back in the US. Hooray!! He is very happy to be back after his many excursions around Morocco. He was complaining how he still has sand in his sneakers from the desert.

But unfortunately I can’t rush home to see him. We have a company dinner for new employees that we hired, so I will have to wait until I’m done with dinner before I can see him, hopefully he’ll still be awake.

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Another Update from Henry

I heard from Henry again, he sounds like he is very eager to come home.

...there have been a series of unfortunate circumstances that have stopped me from being able to write. i was in the desert the next day, which was QUITE the experience. i will tell you all about it when i get back. then we stayed at a five star hotel that had internet broken for 2 days! anyways, needless to say, me and almost everyone else is dying to get back. we have had enough, which is not the case for normal vacations. usually people feel they haven;t had enough...

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Update from Henry

I told Henry to try to e-mail while he's in Morocco so that I know he's ok. Here are snippets from his latest e-mail:

...we stayed in the best hotel so far, in the desert and i slept like a baby.

will show youthe pix. anyways, sleeping in tents tonight, so wish me luck.

if by staying out of trouble, you mean avoiding that car bomb in casablanca, then yes. dont worry, they only suspect it was terrorism. i;m guessing it was a broken car.

He is usually typing on an Arabic keyboard so the punctation is either non-existent or off.

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