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Zathura (Special Edition) Henry and I went to JFK to pick up his dad last night, he recently returned from a trip to China. Anyway, we had to head over to Brooklyn to get his Dad's Pilot. We got there early, so we flipped through the TV and landed on Zathura. It probably had an hour to go, so we started watching it.

Let me just say, it is going to be the next Netflix we get. We watched the rest of the movie and now need to know what happened in the beginning. It's about two brothers and their teenage sister (who was useless). The brothers are Walter and Danny, Walter is the older one. The actor who played Water over-acted a bit, the actor who played Danny was adorable. There was also an astronaut, not sure where he came from. The bad guys in the movie looked like dinosaurs.

From what I understand, the brothers are playing a game that put them into space. They have to finish the game to get back home. But, of course, something happens and the physically lose the game and need to get it back, to finish it. There was a plot twist, but of course, I ran to the bathroom then, not expecting anything exciting to happen. And this being a kid's movie, they eventually return home. It sounds like your basic kids movie plotline, but it kept Henry, his mom and me interested till the end. I'd love to show it to Jayden and Kaylee sometime.

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Pop the Balloons

Steve sent out an e-mail to the Shams about an online game where you pop balloons. He says it's pretty addictive and he got up to leave 32. I haven't tried playing it yet, but after Henry saw that e-mail, all I heard were the damn balloons popping while I was trying to do my work.

Play at:

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Growing weed in the preschools…

Ok, maybe not weed. Just grass. Almost the same thing, but the title wouldn't have been as catchy. Here's a pic of Kaylee's grass/weed. By the way, they just planted the seeds back on March 15. I wish when I had the house that my grass grew as fast!


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At last, all the hair is gone…

Jayden had his first real haircut in about 6 months. Now that Crazy Hair Day is happily behind us, life can get back to some sort of normality... at least what is considered normal for us. We had a bit of an argument over how the hair was going to be cut. I wanted it slightly longer on top, and faded up the back (of the head, that is). He wanted it shaved bald, with an arrow tattooed on the top of his head (like "Avatar"). We compromised, and it was shorter than I wanted, but longer than he hoped for. Notice how Puerto Rican he looks, esp with the pointy side burns... that's because we went to a PR barber... although, I have to admit, the guy did a great fade job on the back of his head.

baldy 2.JPG


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Henry’s Morocco Trip

For Henry's spring break, he went on a Morocco Trek with NYU Stern. He said there were about 60-80 students who went on the trek. The Morocco Trek was from March 9th - March 19th.

Among the pictures that Henry took, he took some at a market where they sold different kinds of seafood, some fish that we've never seen before. He also had two pictures of a skinned rabbit with furry feet, I didn't post those pics because I couldn't bear to look at those pictures. Horse meat was pretty popular in Morocco too, though Henry didn't have any and he didn't take any pictures either because they weren't too interesting, they looked like hunks of beef.

He also visited a mosque that is the third largest in the world (though Wikipedia says second largest), and though it looks like a classic mosque, it was actually built in 1993 and even has a retractable roof. It was the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

Henry complained that every meal he had started with a salad, led to chicken tajine and ended with very delicious and sweet oranges. But that was every meal.

Henry also found it interesting that people just parked their cars anywhere, like on the grass next to trees.

He also had some really nice pictures in the desert, where he had to sleep in the cold in a tent. He also rode a camel through the desert.

I'm not sure about the other places that Henry visited, but he did mention stopping in Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech.

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