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Fighting Sleep

I'll admit it, the video isn't too interesting. When I started recording, I was really hoping he'd do something interesting like giggling, but no such luck. Though he does smile around 19 seconds.

Fighting Sleep from squeekles on Vimeo.

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Hiccuping Ryan

Ryan hiccups on a pretty regular basis. But it is not always at the most convenient times.

Henry grabbed this around 3AM the first week Ryan was home with us.

Hiccuping Ryan from squeekles on Vimeo.

Henry grabbed this around 3AM again the second week Ryan was home with us.

Hiccups Again from squeekles on Vimeo.

I grabbed this last week, in the afternoon. You can see that Ryan can sleep through his hiccups. You can only hear the last loud hiccup, the others were too soft.

Ryan Sleeping with Hiccups from squeekles on Vimeo.

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Wannabe, the J & K Version

Kids Singing Spice Girls from squeekles on Vimeo.

This video was taken a while ago, June 24, 2006, to be precise. Henry and I had gone o visit the kids in PA and took them bowling. We were driving around in search of food when the kids started singing. At first we were stunned that they were singing Spice Girls "Wannabe" and had no clue how they knew the song. Eventually we figured out that it was from Chicken Little.


Kaylee Scores

A couple of weeks ago we went to PA to visit the kids and to celebrate Jayden's belated birthday. We had two different events on Saturday, Kaylee's soccer game and fishing with Jayden. While watching Kaylee's soccer game, she actual scored a couple of times. Here is one of them.

She Scores! from squeekles on Vimeo.

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