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Kaylee & Ryan


During Jayden's birthday dinner at Picnic Garden, we had two tables, the girls and the guys. Ryan was stuck at the girls table with his mom because that would be the only way he was going to get dinner.

Throughout dinner, Ryan loved Kaylee and would go to her, and Kaylee loved Ryan too.

After dinner, the fun continued. The video isn't the best because it was taken on my Blackberry.

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A Happy Ryan

My Happy Baby from squeekles on Vimeo.

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Ryan, Enjoying His Day

My mom was watching Ryan last Friday and my dad stopped by late in the afternoon. Ryan was napping but my dad encouraged Ryan to wake up and play. He was super excited in his bouncy chair and my dad got this video. Since he's rolling around a lot now and has got a pretty strong neck, I think it may be time to introduce the jumperoo. It's another chair but he can sit in it and jump and there are more toys on it for him to play with.

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Jumping Ryan

Jumping Ryan from squeekles on Vimeo.

Ryan really likes jumping. My Aunt Betty did it with Ryan first and now we do it and he laughs so hard and enjoys it so much.

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Hungry Little Ryan

I watch Ryan when he sleeps and sometimes he's suckling in his sleep. I guess I can imagine what he's dreaming about. I grabbed a :15 second video, but since he's not actively doing something for all :15 seconds, I used Henry's Mac and played around with iMovie to tweak the clip. It's a lot shorter now. The video is kind of dark, since Ryan doesn't sleep in full light, but you can see his little lips suckling away. Pretty cute.

Hungry Ryan from squeekles on Vimeo.

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