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Labor Day Weekend in Macungie

It's Labor Day Weekend and all the New York Sham's trekked down to Macungie to celebrate the long weekend and to celebrate the Jayden and Kaylee's birthdays.

The first night there we played Trivial Pursuit 1990's Edition. My first question had to do with Patty Hearst. I don't feel terrible not knowing the answer because they wanted to know what name she used when she was kidnapped, it was Tania. This information was not in the normal literature that Hearst provided me on my first day. The game went on forever and we finally ended without a winner, though Steve declared himself the winner.

Day two in Macungie consisted of birthday games for the kids. Ben had "Fan the Kipper" where everybody makes a fish and then you have to fan it in a race. You can see at one point that Kaylee is stepping on Ben's fish and of course the adults were more into it then the kids. Ben also decorated the dining room for the birthday dinner. Henry and Kaylee helped make the birthday cake while Dada and Steve made the chocolate mousse for the cake, which was very delicious. Perry also tried to take a nap, but Henry woke him up with the drum set that Perry had gotten the kids one Christmas. The kids also got into it too. Time was spent in front of a laptop playing a video game. Another game we played was Marco Polo in Dada's living room. We really got into it and we're very lucky nothing was broken, except a vacuum cleaner was knocked over. When it was time for the birthday dinner, we had grilled hamburgers, Italian sausages with peppers and onions, pasta salad, regular salad, chicken wings, pineapples and mushrooms. And of course the birthday cake, which Kaylee seemed to enjoy more than Jayden, Jayden was drinking his Pepsi.

Day three, we went to the Great Allentown Fair. There were rides for kids and adults, games to win prizes, lots and lots of food, a pig race and much more. Henry played the bottle toss game. When we went to Great Adventure for his 25th birthday, he won one of those huge prizes (a huge gorilla with two little gorillas on each of his shoulders, we couldn't fit it in our trunk and had to put it in our back seat, squishing Steve and Ben for the rest of the ride back), but he didn't win this time. Perry played the game where you have to throw ping pong balls in little fish bowls. He won a fish. We stopped to watch the pig race, but couldn't see much from where we were standing. I think Pig #2 won. And of course we had some food there. Henry got fresh squeezed lemonade that wasn't a bit tart. We had kettlecorn, corn dogs, deep fried cauliflower and cotton candy. When we got back, we tried playing catch with the kids, but in the end, it was just the adults playing catch. Dinner consisted of some of the leftovers, some fresh chicken wings and a spinach, mango and avocado salad with grilled beef on top, very yummy! The adults ended the night with Texas Hold 'Em (Henry won) and a game of Cranium. It looked like Dada and Perry were going to win, but Henry and I were able to pull an upset and win. Sorry to Ben and Steve. whois info After Dada went to bed, Perry read out most of Data Head questions and I think we finished the rest of them Sunday morning. We're going to need to pick up the booster pack for the next time we play.

And so our Labor Day weekend has ended and most of us are getting ready to go back to work tomorrow and a couple of us are getting ready to start school tomorrow. Back to the real world...


Marco Polo (the game, not the person)

Henry and I (and the rest of the Shams) went to Pennsylvania for Jayden and Kaylee's birthday party today. At any Sham event, it involves a lot of food and occasional naps (by the adults). Ben also had some games for us. One of the games, that I've never played, ever, is Marco Polo, except we played on land, not on water. It really was a lot of fun for the kids and adults, probably more for the adults. We were confined to Dada's living room only. The kids were usually caught first. I got a video of one where Henry was "it". It was hilarious! His round of being "it" lasted about 2 and a half minutes. Through out the game there was a lot of pushing, shoving, running around and some dodging and rolling around the floors. I had no clue Henry was still so nimble, but he'll probably feel it tomorrow.


Macungie Photos

What is a weekend in Macungie like?

Lately it includes Tetris Attack
Jayden and Kaylee having fun with their Hen Q while he tries to nap
Henry running around with the kids
The kids messing with Henry some more
The kids try some Tetris Attack
More picking on Henry
And finally the kids resting

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Another Weekend @ Dada’s

Henry, Ben and I all went to Dada's last night. The worst part of the drive was getting out of the city, it took us forever to reach the Holland Tunnel, and there were a lot of morons in the two lanes for the Holland Tunnel who at the last second realized they were in the wrong lane. It took them 45 minutes to realize they were going the wrong way???

We started the morning without electricity. Apparently 2800 homes in Macungie were affected and ours was one of them. Ben and Dada painted most of the day while Henry and I babysat the kids. We took them bowling, to Friendly's and practiced some soccer with Jayden, played some tag and had some races. We ran those kids ragged, they will have very very pleasant dreams tonight. And hopefully tomorrow, they won't be up at the crack of dawn to wake us up.

We ended the night with a barbeque for dinner. There were Italian sausages, fresh made burgers and pasta salad. Everything was delicious thanks to Dada.

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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was great. Let's keep you guys updated with what went on. Started with a great "Summer Friday", which meant that I could leave work at 3pm on Friday. Jetted to Port Authority, where Steve & I took the bus to PA. Dada and her children picked us up, and brought us back to their abode. The next day, we went to the MayFair Festival, which was similar to the festival in Little Italy, but had more things to do. Everything cost money, except for the live entertainment, which was scattered around. They had soul music in one area, rock in another, and old people music in another. We ended up walking around and dogging a 5+ lb bag of kettle corn, and doing the paddle boat activity. As you can see from the picture, the kids were treated like royalty... or something like that...

On Sunday, we went to Hershey Park. It was a beautiful day to go. The place was nice, crowded, and very overpriced. We all had a fantastic time. Dada went on her first rollercoaster, called StormRider or StormRunner. It was a 15 second ride, but it was a good one. I don't have any pictures of that, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it'd be. The lines for rides were ridiculous. A water ride Kaylee & I were waiting for ended up having over an hour wait, and by the time we got to the top, it was broken. We ended up skipping people on another water ride. The kids went on a good amount of rides, although I'm sure they wouldn't have minded more. It was mainly a kids place, although Eric & Steve went on a rollercoaster too.

Afterwards, we had a tour of the Chocolate Factory. It was cool. Not as great as I thought it'd be. But then again, I was picturing Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Suffice to say, we only went because it was free. The free chocolate they gave out at the end was pathetic, and their gift shop was very expensive. In my opinion, there's no point to go again. It's nothing special. The Chocolate Factory is separate from the amusement park. But all in all, it was a cool place and we had a great time.

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