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Greece, here we come!

After months of planning this trip (since Feb/Mar), we finally booked our flights and hotels. The flights were booked a couple of weeks ago, while the hotels were book about half an hour ago. Yay! Now, it's a real trip and not just one of those "next times." I've never been outside the U.S.; this includes Canada, although I'm not counting Puerto Rico. Okay, scratch that. I've never been outside the U.S since I was 2.

We have a pretty busy schedule. Here is a breakdown of our itinerary:

May 31st, 4pm flight, gets us to Athens, GR at 9am June 1st.
June 1st, early evening ferry takes us to our first island: Chania, Crete.
June 3rd, we drive over to Heraklion, Crete.
June 5th, we hop on an early morning ferry to Thira, Santorini.
June 8th, we take another ferry back to Athens, and finish the vacation there.
June 10th, 1pm flight back to JFK, gets us in I dont remember when.

Of course, there'll be lots of sight-seeing, eating, and beaching when we get there. And yes, in that order. Or eating throughout the day. I didn't buy any travel books, and printed everything from online sights, such as and, amongst others. Both sources are great, but only as a starter. It's definitely worth it to do the research. I'm too cheap to buy the books. As this is my last semester at Baruch, and every semester we get $100 worth of print-outs from the computer lab ($.10 each), I figure I might as well put my technology fee to good use. I've never used more than $15-$20. Even now, I still have about $60-$70 left. I might buy a really cheap language book, although I did print some things out.

I'm so excited. I did some shopping and bought shorts and bathing suits. Although I already have 2 bathing suits, I figure we're not doing laundry, so 1 suit per city should be enough. As for shorts, well, I have none so I needed. Man, this trip is pricey. Although some of the hotels look nice, I think they've gotten a 2-3 star rating. The nicest hotel, and cheapest, is in the nicest place of all: Santorini. We won't be on the cliffs with all the hotels, but we'll only be about 10 mins away. Athens is expensive, and so are the cities in Crete. Especially if you want to be in a 3+ star hotel. Since we're staying a max of 2 nights, I figure crappy is fine...but not too crappy.

We'll also rent a car while we're there so we can travel all over the islands, and leave Athens. I'm actually very glad we're going at this time. This is considered low-mid season. Although they'll still be a lot of people, as like NY, it won't get as crowded as high season at the end of June to August.

Oooohh... can't wait. I'd like to say that I've started slacking because school's almost over and I'm about to graduate, but that's a lie. I've been slacking since I started school. ...and that was about 20 years ago.

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Henry’s Morocco Trip

For Henry's spring break, he went on a Morocco Trek with NYU Stern. He said there were about 60-80 students who went on the trek. The Morocco Trek was from March 9th - March 19th.

Among the pictures that Henry took, he took some at a market where they sold different kinds of seafood, some fish that we've never seen before. He also had two pictures of a skinned rabbit with furry feet, I didn't post those pics because I couldn't bear to look at those pictures. Horse meat was pretty popular in Morocco too, though Henry didn't have any and he didn't take any pictures either because they weren't too interesting, they looked like hunks of beef.

He also visited a mosque that is the third largest in the world (though Wikipedia says second largest), and though it looks like a classic mosque, it was actually built in 1993 and even has a retractable roof. It was the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

Henry complained that every meal he had started with a salad, led to chicken tajine and ended with very delicious and sweet oranges. But that was every meal.

Henry also found it interesting that people just parked their cars anywhere, like on the grass next to trees.

He also had some really nice pictures in the desert, where he had to sleep in the cold in a tent. He also rode a camel through the desert.

I'm not sure about the other places that Henry visited, but he did mention stopping in Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech.


Update from Henry

I told Henry to try to e-mail while he's in Morocco so that I know he's ok. Here are snippets from his latest e-mail:

...we stayed in the best hotel so far, in the desert and i slept like a baby.

will show youthe pix. anyways, sleeping in tents tonight, so wish me luck.

if by staying out of trouble, you mean avoiding that car bomb in casablanca, then yes. dont worry, they only suspect it was terrorism. i;m guessing it was a broken car.

He is usually typing on an Arabic keyboard so the punctation is either non-existent or off.

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Last Shopping Day

We went to the mall today in Pennsylvania for last minute Christmas gifts. It was a beautiful day today, really sunny and warm. The mall was pretty packed, but the line was pretty short at the Disney store. I picked up stuff there, Waldenbooks, Express, Macy's and American Eagle. I think I am officially done. We have a mountain of gifts here now around the tree, not quite under, because the tree is really really low and we really can't fit anything under it. Jayden and Kaylee have sooooo many gifts! They are going to be so excited when they're allowed to open their gifts.

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In Pennsylvania

Henry, Perry and I went to Pennsylvania today because we are having Christmas with Dada and the kids tomorrow. We had to get on the 78W, and we missed it twice before we finally got on i. After that, it was easy, except driving through the rain. We got up there in time for dinner with Dada and the kids. I watched a little bit of Aladdin with the kids. They were singing along with some of the songs, when I did too, Jayden looked at me like I had grown another head. He didn't realize I was telling the truth when I said I originally saw it in the theaters.

Now the kids are in bed and the adults are playing Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy. It's pretty fun and cute looking. I wanna buy it now! If anyone still needs to get me a gift, they can get me this.

Side thing, Perry got eye surgery to get a double eyelid. It looks really weird because they are still swollen and he just looks so odd with a double eyelid now. It's pretty noticable when someone gets it done.

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