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Henry’s Morocco Trip

For Henry's spring break, he went on a Morocco Trek with NYU Stern. He said there were about 60-80 students who went on the trek. The Morocco Trek was from March 9th - March 19th.

Among the pictures that Henry took, he took some at a market where they sold different kinds of seafood, some fish that we've never seen before. He also had two pictures of a skinned rabbit with furry feet, I didn't post those pics because I couldn't bear to look at those pictures. Horse meat was pretty popular in Morocco too, though Henry didn't have any and he didn't take any pictures either because they weren't too interesting, they looked like hunks of beef.

He also visited a mosque that is the third largest in the world (though Wikipedia says second largest), and though it looks like a classic mosque, it was actually built in 1993 and even has a retractable roof. It was the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

Henry complained that every meal he had started with a salad, led to chicken tajine and ended with very delicious and sweet oranges. But that was every meal.

Henry also found it interesting that people just parked their cars anywhere, like on the grass next to trees.

He also had some really nice pictures in the desert, where he had to sleep in the cold in a tent. He also rode a camel through the desert.

I'm not sure about the other places that Henry visited, but he did mention stopping in Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech.


Mr. Fireball

Today was the day we had waited for, for over a year. And I mean that literally. Since March of 2006, we have been waiting and waiting, and finally, it has come. I don't mean spring. I mean, Crazy Hair Day at Jayden's school. Oh, we had grand plans for this year's design. We spent months and weeks and hours discussing the various ways we were going to win first prize. And more than that, he's been letting his hair grow long since September, with a couple of trims forced on him. And when the moment came, the final design on his hair was decided... by whatever was in stock in the beauty care section of Walmart.

His hair wasn't long enough to braid, and we tried little ponytails all over his head but that didn't turn out too well. So at the end, it was super stiff hold gel, a can of orange glitter hair spray, and a blow dryer. We went with "Head on Fire."

flaming head.JPGflaming head side.JPG

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First Day of School for Number Two Daughter

What an exciting day! My littlest baby started preschool today! Granted, it's only three days a week, and it's only two and a half hours a day, but it's one step closer to the real deal. There were some tears and an occasional sniff, but Eric was fine after we left. Number Two Daughter marched into class and didn't turn back once. There went my tiny Napoleon, off to conquer new lands and enslave the natives.

kids bookbags.JPG kaylee first day 2.JPG kaylee first day.JPG

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Jayden starts 2nd grade…

Today number one son started second grade. The morning started off abruptly, as my alarm went off at 7 AM. Although this is not early for many of you, it was remarkably early in the PA Ruiz household, considering that our summertime wake up is around 8:30 (Kaylee), 9:00 (Jayden), and 9:30 (me). After throwing myself out of bed (literally) and getting ready, I was finally ready to wake the kids up. They, however, were not ready to get up. There were a couple of minutes of fighting, and two grumpy faces later, the kids were up and getting ready.

Number one son had a 50/50 day today, as he so eloquently put it. 50 for seeing all his first grade friends again, and 50 for actually being in school. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is the good 50. And the countdown to the next summer time sleep schedule has begun...

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Jayden’s Musical

Today was Jayden's first musical. It was more like a concert. The whole first grade was onstage singing. And, man, were they cute!!! Jayden, of course, was the cutest. I'd put pictures up, but they came out pretty bad -- very grainy and blurry. My digital zoom sucked, and we were pretty far back. There weren't a lot of people, but we weren't allowed to get too close. I guess they didn't want possible distractions. Anyway, the children did a great job. Jayden's attention span waned, but that's normal of children. Especially those with ADD. It was quite a few songs for these kids to remember. Good thing most of the kids remembered. Some kids were in their own zones. I'll try to edit the pics and get them up. For now......

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