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Jayden's advanced literature class has been reading "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliet, and doing some research into the artist Johannes Vermeer and his paintings. To wrap up their topic, the class has been recreating one of his famous paintings, "The Geographer."

Here is the original:

Geographer Vermeer.jpg

and here is the recreation:

Jayden Vermeer A.jpg

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An Update from Down Under

Call with Henry through Skype

Henry's doing well on his study abroad trip in Australia. He was between classes and gave me a quick call on Skype just to say hi. How sweet right? Who knew he had it in him!

I think he's in Australia till the end of next week, then back to Hong Kong to Bangkok, then back to Hong Kong and then finally back to NYC. We should all go get our MBA!

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School is back in session…

The kids are back in school... yay! Kaylee started kindergarten and Jayden entered third grade. Don't they look SO happy to be back in school?!

kids pic 1.JPG

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Congratulations to me!

As of May 30, I will be a college graduate. (of course, i have to pass these classes first.) But just wanted to share that.

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Growing weed in the preschools…

Ok, maybe not weed. Just grass. Almost the same thing, but the title wouldn't have been as catchy. Here's a pic of Kaylee's grass/weed. By the way, they just planted the seeds back on March 15. I wish when I had the house that my grass grew as fast!


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