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5Dec/062 update2

okay, this is how it starts. the order was placed on 9/27/06. i get an error while placing it, and i email their on the same day telling them of my problem. they dont respond to me, so i contact them through their online form on 9/30/06. they respond to me the next day telling me that "due to extremely high traffic our site was overloaded and unable to process all requests properly. We have rectified all issues and the system is working correctly." i check my account, and apparently, the order was placed. so now, i'm wait for it to get processed. and i wait. and wait. and wait. i email them on 11/21/06 because i havent heard anything from them and my order has not been processed. i get no response. so i call them today, about 20 mins ago. i wait on hold for about 5 mins, until a woman gets on. i tell her my problem, and she looks up my information. apparently, she says, my order was waiting to get "authorization". she "doesnt understand why they have contacted me about my order if they were having problems." i ask her to cancel the order, which she does, happily might i add. i ask for either a confirmation order or email, and she says that they dont do that but she "could get them to email me", and then she hangs up.

apparently, i took up too much of her time with my 3 minute conversation. either that, or she was waiting to go home. if that's the case, i wouldnt have picked up the phone in the first place. man, she was rude. thank goodness my credit card was never charged. i'll probably never get that cancellation confirmation email. we'll see if i ever get charged or even acknowledged. i'd rather not get either.

good thing e.l.f. is sold at 99cents stores. with my bad experience with them, do i want to contribute to their revenue?

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knicks v. spurs

tonight, i went to my first ever basketball game. it was the knicks vs. the spurs at madison square garden. a friend of mine had gotten tickets from her company to go the game and sit in their box. she also had gotten extra tickets, last minute. but these seats were not in the box. instead, they were courtside. she offered me the courtside tix and i snatched them up. the game itself was not that great, but the seats were awesome. we were 4 rows away from the knicks!

first we had gone through the VIP section (no waiting to enter MSG). at first, since we didnt have box tickets, we didnt know if we would've been allowed. the guy scanned our tix, searched my bag, and then just let us go. so we get up to the company's box, and dropped off our things. there was a lounge area filled with appetizers and drinks for the "meet & greet" part of the show. the celebrity we were meeting was John Starks! john starks!!! how crazy! i had the hugest crush on him back in junior high. his posters were all over my room. right under the top bunk so he'd be the last thing i saw when i went to bed! (no, i didnt tell him that!). anyway, i got his autograph and took a picture with him. what a cutie! he's old, and not very tall but still cute.

well, the knicks lost, altho the 4th period was pretty interesting. anyway, here's a picture so you all can be jealous and hate me. :-)

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happy halloween!

so, i dressed up this year. (finally!) but only because we had to, for work. well, we didnt have to, but if i didnt, i would've been the only one. here is my outfit. i think i should've won the contest, but i didnt. didnt even place top 3. why? because the judge thought it'd show "favoritism". what a load of bull. i thought my outfit was awesome. okay, i didnt wear the hair- i lent the hair to someone else. maybe if i did, i would've won. oh well. i'm glad i didnt. the prizes were gift cards to places i dont even go to!

7Oct/065 update

one week after i emailed's customer service, and 3 days after i contacted them through their online form, i finally get a reply.

"we understand that you were having difficulties in placing an order on our website. Due to extremely high traffic our site was overloaded and unable to process all requests properly. We have rectified all issues and the system is working correctly."

so i double check my order by checking My Account on their site. lo and behold, my order did go through. i do understand that there was high traffic due to very inexpensive toiletries. but i hate the fact that it took them 1 week and 2 emails before they responded. i dont even think they received my first email! grr!

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random thoughts

thanks, oda, for the link to bloomingdale's $1 makeup. it's odd how i'll buy $1 makeup online, but i wont get it at the $.99 store. wait, actually, i have. but it's bloomingdale's. now that's brand name. i'm about to do a shopping spree. although, i'm afraid how small these things are. oh man, s&h is

(++edit++ i seem to have weird grammar mistakes. i wish i'd have known, so that when i reread it, it wouldnt sound so off)
man, why are scabs so itchy?? i cant take it! i have a healing scratch that has scabbed over, and i've been scratching around it. i tried so hard not to scratch it off... but to no avail. too late. the scab is gone. here goes another reason i have weird marks on my body.

one of my professors asked the class if anyone is not going to graduate school. apparently, i was the only one that raised their hand. she was so curious as to why, so i mentioned that for the career that i am choosing to pursue, there is no need. and it's really expensive and no job is willing to pay for it. i really made all that up. i have no idea what career i'm going after right now. i'm just determined that it'll be something that i dont have to go to graduate school for. i didnt have the heart to tell her that i also hate school and will probably waste my time and money getting a masters because i'll probably end up with a bad grade.

eric, steve & i went for dinner at boulder creek, in gateway mall, this past monday. service was pretty slow due to the high volume. who would've thought that no one wanted to cook on a monday night? i mean, come on, it's only monday! anyway, food was decent. better than applebee's. i got half a rack of ribs & a lobster tail. they must've gotten the ribs from a starving animal because it wasnt very meaty, and it was small. the lobster tail was decent. eric & steve, each, had two large mugs of beer, which i believe was called Octoberfest (sp). it was like 2.5 - 3 beers in one mug. i could be overexaggerating, but no one will know. :-) i think eric & steve was flirting with our waitress, helga..i mean catherine. she ended up giving us dessert on the house, so we got key lime pie slices. yummy* if anyone wants free food, bring these two weirdos. they'll make almost rude comments in an annoyed but joking tone to make the server feel bad and give free food. woo hoo! :-)

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