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Local PA Fair

Jayden and Kaylee on a roller coaster.

The kids and I went to our first local country fair, complete with rides, food contests, and farm animals. They had a lot of fun - going on almost every kids' ride. I went on only two rides with them, and I thought I was going to be sick, but they were like "more!" and "faster!" Those kids are coaster fanatics and speed hounds, unlike their mama.

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First Blog

Ok readers, welcome me to the 21st century. I am posting to my first blog.

I don't see the allure with blogging. It's like a diary.

Dear Diary,

Today Suzie was like, I like Billy. I told her I liked Billy. She is SUCH a b-tch! I told Stacie, who was like, Suzie is like totally a b-tch.

Anyways, who the heck wants to read what I have to say. This is probably for the people who feel they have surfed the entire Internet. For you people, I have a story.

The story will be in my second post... (see I already know how to get them coming back for more, or not, I don't give a flying.)

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Weekend @ Dada’s.

It was a beautiful weekend. The days were long, the temperature was hot, there were no children around. Woo hoo! Okay, the children were sorely missed. But we had gotten a lot accomplished. Both Jayden's room and the office are completely painted from ceiling to, yes, carpet. But the carpet park was really accidental. I would put pictures up, but the two I took came out very dark and the colors weren't noticeable.

Jayden's room is a dark blue, and the office is a grayish lavendar. They actually came out real nice. You guys'll see it in a couple of weeks. Well, not Oda. I'll take a better picture for you, Oda. Steve, Dada & I spent all day Saturday, and parts of Sunday, prepping, priming, trimming and painting. As much work as it was, we shelled it out quickly. 3 people, 2 rooms. We were good. Wait, wait.. We ARE good.

Steve & Dada went to pick up some packing equipment from a packing facility. It was a bunch of cardboard boxes and 2 rolls of bubblewrap. It was impossible to fit all of it in the truck, and another person in the back. Also, Dada couldn't see out of her rearview mirror. So plans were made to tie it to the top of the truck. Hard to see, but here's the process.

All through PA & Jersey, there were people staring at our bubblewrap. Some were even pointing. At one point, there was a busload of people just staring at us. Here is the size of one bubblewrap. It's 2 feet wide, 375 feet long, and .5 inch thick. Think about 2 of those on top of the car. Albeit, the sight was a bit humorous.

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Jayden’s Musical

Today was Jayden's first musical. It was more like a concert. The whole first grade was onstage singing. And, man, were they cute!!! Jayden, of course, was the cutest. I'd put pictures up, but they came out pretty bad -- very grainy and blurry. My digital zoom sucked, and we were pretty far back. There weren't a lot of people, but we weren't allowed to get too close. I guess they didn't want possible distractions. Anyway, the children did a great job. Jayden's attention span waned, but that's normal of children. Especially those with ADD. It was quite a few songs for these kids to remember. Good thing most of the kids remembered. Some kids were in their own zones. I'll try to edit the pics and get them up. For now......

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up and running

I've finally got up and running after months of working and resting and breaking the site. Enjoy!

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