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The Newest Sham

We are proud to welcome the newest Sham. Ryan Logan Sham joined us on July 15 at 1:54 PM at 7lb 8oz and 21" long. The three of us are all doing well. You may not be able to tell, but Ryan looks just like his daddy.

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Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

According to this link, APA Heritage Month is to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islanders in the U.S b/c the first Japs came in May and the intercontinental railroad (mostly by Chinese laborers) was completed in May. I'm acknowledging it about 18 days too late. It's not really as obvious as Black Heritage Month, so I'd like to use that as my excuse. And I forgot.

Dinner with us are usually rowdy but when in public, we try to be a bit more civilized.


are you ready for some baseball?!

Well, this spring, the boy decided he would try baseball. I had originally signed him up for Rookies baseball (which is instructional only, with some minor games). There must have been a mix up somewhere because they (the powers that be) stuck my boy on the A league - which is Little League for all you non-suburbanites. So, a kid who has NEVER played baseball, is on a team with kids who have been playing for the past 3 years. As expected, he is not the best player on the team, but he tries very hard, and he practices no less than 5 times a week (twice with the team, and 3 times on our own). Here are some pics from Jayden's first baseball game this past Sunday.

It's lonely out there...
jayden baseball 4.JPG

Baseball ready in the right field... where all great players come from...
jayden baseball 3.JPG

Like a regular baseball team... only smaller...
jayden baseball 2.JPG

The catcher gives his helmet a couple of pats... just like real people...
jayden baseball 1.JPG

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Jayden's advanced literature class has been reading "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliet, and doing some research into the artist Johannes Vermeer and his paintings. To wrap up their topic, the class has been recreating one of his famous paintings, "The Geographer."

Here is the original:

Geographer Vermeer.jpg

and here is the recreation:

Jayden Vermeer A.jpg

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An Update from Down Under

Call with Henry through Skype

Henry's doing well on his study abroad trip in Australia. He was between classes and gave me a quick call on Skype just to say hi. How sweet right? Who knew he had it in him!

I think he's in Australia till the end of next week, then back to Hong Kong to Bangkok, then back to Hong Kong and then finally back to NYC. We should all go get our MBA!

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