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Kaylee Scores

A couple of weeks ago we went to PA to visit the kids and to celebrate Jayden's belated birthday. We had two different events on Saturday, Kaylee's soccer game and fishing with Jayden. While watching Kaylee's soccer game, she actual scored a couple of times. Here is one of them.

She Scores! from squeekles on Vimeo.

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Wedding in San Fran

We all went to the wedding in San Fran, so there's really no point in going into it. It was a very nice ceremony..with the bride trying to hold in her emotions, but alas, could not. We took a lot of pictures during the ceremony and banquet, which I'll eventually put up. I realized that although the Cybershot is a very nice camera, with its touchscreen options, the quality of pictures is horrendous! When I say horrendous, I mean, there's a reason why they made the outside look nice. Wow, I took a lot of pictures, and half of them came out crappy. Sony should just stick to making Playstations.


Kaylee’s Birthday

Kaylee's birthday was last month and I'm finally getting around to posting the pics. Dada through her a BBQ at Manhattan Beach, in Brooklyn. Her and her chef Steve did all the preparations and actually grilling. We had burgers, hot dogs, wings, grilled veggies and for dessert grilled bananas (with honey, chocolate and marshmallows). The food was all so delicious. The relish that Steve made for the burgers was so good. He should cater all the Sham affairs.

While the adults were busy eating, the kids were busing playing, in the sand and in the water. They were so adorable!

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Soccer Monster

Kaylee's first soccer practice today ended with two injuries and some crying. None of them were hers. And none of them, thankfully, were CAUSED by her.


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School is back in session…

The kids are back in school... yay! Kaylee started kindergarten and Jayden entered third grade. Don't they look SO happy to be back in school?!

kids pic 1.JPG

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