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Growing weed in the preschools…

Ok, maybe not weed. Just grass. Almost the same thing, but the title wouldn't have been as catchy. Here's a pic of Kaylee's grass/weed. By the way, they just planted the seeds back on March 15. I wish when I had the house that my grass grew as fast!


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At last, all the hair is gone…

Jayden had his first real haircut in about 6 months. Now that Crazy Hair Day is happily behind us, life can get back to some sort of normality... at least what is considered normal for us. We had a bit of an argument over how the hair was going to be cut. I wanted it slightly longer on top, and faded up the back (of the head, that is). He wanted it shaved bald, with an arrow tattooed on the top of his head (like "Avatar"). We compromised, and it was shorter than I wanted, but longer than he hoped for. Notice how Puerto Rican he looks, esp with the pointy side burns... that's because we went to a PR barber... although, I have to admit, the guy did a great fade job on the back of his head.

baldy 2.JPG


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Mr. Fireball

Today was the day we had waited for, for over a year. And I mean that literally. Since March of 2006, we have been waiting and waiting, and finally, it has come. I don't mean spring. I mean, Crazy Hair Day at Jayden's school. Oh, we had grand plans for this year's design. We spent months and weeks and hours discussing the various ways we were going to win first prize. And more than that, he's been letting his hair grow long since September, with a couple of trims forced on him. And when the moment came, the final design on his hair was decided... by whatever was in stock in the beauty care section of Walmart.

His hair wasn't long enough to braid, and we tried little ponytails all over his head but that didn't turn out too well. So at the end, it was super stiff hold gel, a can of orange glitter hair spray, and a blow dryer. We went with "Head on Fire."

flaming head.JPGflaming head side.JPG

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The kids are growing up so fast. Just today, Jayden told me he was the "Man for the Ladies". Man for the ladies!! Goodness, this boy is only 7 years old! 7! When I asked if it was for old or young ladies that were Kaylee's age, he said "No, they're too young. 2nd grade." (of course, i'm cutting to the gist of the conversation. there was a lot in the middle but it's all fluff.) I asked him what makes him the "Man for the Ladies", and he replies, "My body and my mind." I asked for the names and social security numbers of these ladies, but he wouldnt budge. I can bet none of his uncles nor his father can say that they were/are the Man for the Ladies. Well, here's a pic of the "Man for the Ladies".

And of course, here's his little sister.


Sham/Ruiz Family Mug Shots

Here are the pictures that Dada alluded too on one of the posts. Everybody took some pics except Perry. I also had to omit the one Eric took because it wasn't family friendly. I also left out the ones from the Sham parents, if there is a interest in seeing those posted, I will post them too.

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