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Harry Potter

I'm so excited. The 7th and final book is coming out in less than a week. I pre-ordered it and had it sent to Dada's, since she tends to read pretty quickly. Of course, now she might have a friend coming up, so it'll take her longer to read it. I will definitely drive all the way up to pick up the book. I'm not waiting for it. Insane!

I saw the 5th movie at the IMAX on 68th & Broadway. The movie was pretty good. I've never been to the IMAX - it's huge! I loved it. The movie took up the whole screen. One part of it was in 3-D; the part at the end, where the kids are in the Ministry.

That movie really made Daniel Radcliffe look really small compared to the rest of his crew. Even shorter than the girl. His growth spurt must've stopped between the 4th & 5th books. Either that, or she's growing at a faster rate.


my Ode to Ben

I found this "Ode to Ben" when I was cleaning out my inbox... thought it was appropriate since she is graduating and going to Greece...

Your armpits are hairy
Your legs are too,
Like thorns they pierce me
Through and through

Your forehead is large
Your limbs are long
It’s hard to say
Which part of you belongs

Your nose is puggish
Your eyes are small
I’d insult your boobs
If you had any at all

You’re a mismatch of shapes
A collage of parts
You’d be a Picasso
If people were art

But we’re still related
And I know how too –
Look at our rears
To see the clue!

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Zathura (Special Edition) Henry and I went to JFK to pick up his dad last night, he recently returned from a trip to China. Anyway, we had to head over to Brooklyn to get his Dad's Pilot. We got there early, so we flipped through the TV and landed on Zathura. It probably had an hour to go, so we started watching it.

Let me just say, it is going to be the next Netflix we get. We watched the rest of the movie and now need to know what happened in the beginning. It's about two brothers and their teenage sister (who was useless). The brothers are Walter and Danny, Walter is the older one. The actor who played Water over-acted a bit, the actor who played Danny was adorable. There was also an astronaut, not sure where he came from. The bad guys in the movie looked like dinosaurs.

From what I understand, the brothers are playing a game that put them into space. They have to finish the game to get back home. But, of course, something happens and the physically lose the game and need to get it back, to finish it. There was a plot twist, but of course, I ran to the bathroom then, not expecting anything exciting to happen. And this being a kid's movie, they eventually return home. It sounds like your basic kids movie plotline, but it kept Henry, his mom and me interested till the end. I'd love to show it to Jayden and Kaylee sometime.

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