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Jayden's advanced literature class has been reading "Chasing Vermeer" by Blue Balliet, and doing some research into the artist Johannes Vermeer and his paintings. To wrap up their topic, the class has been recreating one of his famous paintings, "The Geographer."

Here is the original:

Geographer Vermeer.jpg

and here is the recreation:

Jayden Vermeer A.jpg

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  1. did the original have the guy looking sad too? get a bigger original – i’d like to point out the inconsistencies better.

  2. did all the kids in his class have to pose or was he the “lucky” one?

  3. the boys in his literature class had to pose – there were about 6-7 boys. they all brought in something to add to the picture. that map in his hand is right off our wall. plus we also sent in a white shirt and a blue towel. the original guy was looking pensive, not sad. that was jayden’s twist. he was trying not to laugh.

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