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Awesome Cruise… and I ain’t talking ’bout Tom!

The Disney cruise was a great experience and fun was had by all who went. The kiddies chose not to do any of the children's activities (those rats) and decided to stick to my side like glue the entire time. We had way too much family together-ness and I think I am all Mickeyed out, like some kind of Disney junkie who has OD'ed on mermaids and chipmunks and princesses.

Top 5 things about Disney cruises you should know before going:

5. There is sometimes a pervasive scent of poopie diapers. There are 2200 guests on board, and I am guessing that over 1200 of them are kids. The percentage of non-potty trained children is high and therefore you have poopie diapers, ergo poopie diaper smell.

4. The staff and crew are some of the nicest people in the world. They are always smiling, no matter if it's 12 noon or 12 midnight. People who are way too happy and way too helpful scare me, and this cruise definitely has plenty of both. It can't be natural.

3. Cleanliness is definitely next to something, because the ship was always spotless. There are constantly people cleaning and wiping down, followed by more cleaning and wiping. The public restrooms were as clean as the ones in the cabins. Not to mention the hordes of people who walk around handing out disinfectant wipes to the guests - in front of restaurants, after coming on board, before leaving the pool area, everywhere.

2. There is way too much food. Basically it's a 24 hour a day smorgasborg. There are buffets, restaurants, and room service - all included with the cruise price already. Don't forget the open air restaurants by the pool, serving fries, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers. The kids got the hang of ordering real quick. Dip in the pool, come out, get fries, eat, back in the pool. All without having to bother Mom.

1. The entertainment is amazing. Musicals every night - the kids even loved them. A huge movie theater showing the latest Disney movies. Disney cartoons and movies on 15 out of 20 channels in the staterooms. Planned social activities and outings - way too much going on. The Disney activities, music, and movies all put me into a trance. Next thing I knew, I was ringing up purchases in the onboard Disney store.


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  1. More pictures please!

    Sounds and looks like you guys had lots of fun. We can’t to wait what the kids say about their trip to see Mickey.

  2. awesome pix, and your trip sounds great. with a ship full of sniveling and bacteria-filled kids, i’d assume that there were automatic wiper dispensers. so clean and filled with food- sounds awesome!

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