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Pop the Balloons

Steve sent out an e-mail to the Shams about an online game where you pop balloons. He says it's pretty addictive and he got up to leave 32. I haven't tried playing it yet, but after Henry saw that e-mail, all I heard were the damn balloons popping while I was trying to do my work.

Play at:

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  1. I cannot get past level 45. I would have stayed up all night playing it but I have to sleep. Although, I did stay up to type this comment.

  2. i beat the game! i beat the game! i got up to level 42 the first night, and then finished all 50 today! yay! i have no life…

  3. Maybe you do have NGA.

  4. wait a minute, i thought you couldnt get past some level in the 30s on the first night. are you lying!?

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