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Growing weed in the preschools…

Ok, maybe not weed. Just grass. Almost the same thing, but the title wouldn't have been as catchy. Here's a pic of Kaylee's grass/weed. By the way, they just planted the seeds back on March 15. I wish when I had the house that my grass grew as fast!


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  1. at first i think it was really really long in a bigflower pot. then i realized it was a styrofoam cup that kaylee drew a happy face on. now i feel a little sheepish. but it’s still decently long.

    i wonder what the kids will bring you for mother’s day this year.

  2. weed…cuz she needs it…

    yeah, i didnt look at the bottom, so i also thought it was a large flower pot. i didnt even realize until after reading Oda’s comment. the reason your grass didnt grow is cuz you and your gardener have black thumbs.

  3. i do have a black thumb… but that’s cuz it’s dirty…

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