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At last, all the hair is gone…

Jayden had his first real haircut in about 6 months. Now that Crazy Hair Day is happily behind us, life can get back to some sort of normality... at least what is considered normal for us. We had a bit of an argument over how the hair was going to be cut. I wanted it slightly longer on top, and faded up the back (of the head, that is). He wanted it shaved bald, with an arrow tattooed on the top of his head (like "Avatar"). We compromised, and it was shorter than I wanted, but longer than he hoped for. Notice how Puerto Rican he looks, esp with the pointy side burns... that's because we went to a PR barber... although, I have to admit, the guy did a great fade job on the back of his head.

baldy 2.JPG


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  1. He looks like he’s close to tears in the first pic! poor jayden.

  2. yeah, that’s a typical boriqua haircut… especially prominent from the side. you should’ve cut it shorter.

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