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Mr. Fireball

Today was the day we had waited for, for over a year. And I mean that literally. Since March of 2006, we have been waiting and waiting, and finally, it has come. I don't mean spring. I mean, Crazy Hair Day at Jayden's school. Oh, we had grand plans for this year's design. We spent months and weeks and hours discussing the various ways we were going to win first prize. And more than that, he's been letting his hair grow long since September, with a couple of trims forced on him. And when the moment came, the final design on his hair was decided... by whatever was in stock in the beauty care section of Walmart.

His hair wasn't long enough to braid, and we tried little ponytails all over his head but that didn't turn out too well. So at the end, it was super stiff hold gel, a can of orange glitter hair spray, and a blow dryer. We went with "Head on Fire."

flaming head.JPGflaming head side.JPG

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  1. this is highly disappointing. with an entire year to prepare, you work on it last minute. obviously, you didnt want him to win and be remembered as the boy who won crazy hair day in 2007, his last semester at the school.

  2. there was no contest this year… so everyone was a winner! he did get a lot of attention tho. everyone asked to touch his hair – students and teachers. he left home with hard spiky orange hair – he came home with wilted manhandled hair. apparently he was the only one in school with spiky colored hair. so there!

  3. fine. i’ll give it to you. he does look adorable! and quite crazy.

  4. well… did he win??

  5. it was crazy hair day, but they canceled the contest this year. believe it or not, he’s about the craziest of all the kids’s heads i saw. i was definitely able to pick him out of a crowd…

  6. did you take pictures of the “losers” for us to judge for ourselves?

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