greediness kills!


ode to oda

here is the complete compilation of my ode to oda...

oda, oda, oda
you drink a lot of soda
i wonder why you married my broda
you must have been in a bad moda

oda, oda, oda
do you use a motorola?
you won't get reception in the northa pola,
today on my butt i found a mola
hope it wasn't from ebola

oda, oda, oda
don't move to north dakota
over there it's really coda
when it snows they get a loda
and there's tall grass and cows

and a new, never before seen stanza...

oda, oda, oda
please don't exploda
when you read this nota
you're the beast i knowa
but have mercy i hopa
and don't rip my head from my spine with your bare claws.

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  1. claws? that doesn’t rhyme with oda.

  2. neither does cows, but if you don’t say anything, i won’t either… :X

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