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My day off

I took a day off today. I wasnt feeling well when I woke up. In actuality, I could not drag myself out of bed. And that was where I stayed all day. The only time I got up was when I went to grab a bite (in the kitchen) and when I went to the bathroom. I couldnt leave my lappy. Hell, I went to use Steve's computer, but had my laptop on my lap!

I've posted all the entries from today. I was so bored that I went through my crap and found all Big D's creative works. And I must say that when she worked, she worked. Her multi-tasking at her former jobs helped to develop this creativity. I thank them.

I dont know why I watch the news. There's always someone dead or dying. After sneaking onto the LIRR tracks to graffiti private property, a 13 year old got run over by a train and killed. Who was to blame? The city, for not closing up holes and openings in the fences. Because, you know, they're the ones that broke the fences AND forced the kid to climb through/over to vandalize their own property. I bet someone's going to get sued, and it wont be the parents of this kid. Another example is a mother who threw her baby out but told the cops that someone stole her baby. Of course, she's an idiot because her timing was off and the cops figured out that she's a liar. But they still couldnt find her baby.

And this is how I spent my day off.

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  1. all this means is that you should go to work…

  2. bite your tongue!

  3. It is easy for me to criticize since I don’t have kids. But if my kid was 13 years old, he will know that he is trespassing AND graffiti is bad. So why are the parents not to blame at all? They raised the child to trespass and to graffiti on private property AND I’m sure they’re going to sue the MTA over this, but why aren’t they at fault at all? At thirteen I knew not to trespass and not to graffiti and I definitely knew not to run by train tracks.

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