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Beautiful Ladybug

Big D is filled with creativity. Amongst her most infamous writings, she's also written other less known items. Below is an example:

A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful ladybug. She lived with her mommy and her daddy and twelve brothers and sisters. She loved crawling around in the garden around her house and smelling the sweet fragrance of the flowers. The sun always shone and the sky was a wonderful baby blue. Life was good and there was a joy joy feeling of contentment in the air. Joy joy and then one day, her simple happy happy little life was snuffed out by the awful thundering of size nine Reeboks. With the thick rubber sole and spiked tread. Life can be cruel and short. One minute you're smelling the flowers and the next minute, your face is smashed into a petal and the stem-oh that terrible stem- pokes your eyes out.

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