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The kids are growing up so fast. Just today, Jayden told me he was the "Man for the Ladies". Man for the ladies!! Goodness, this boy is only 7 years old! 7! When I asked if it was for old or young ladies that were Kaylee's age, he said "No, they're too young. 2nd grade." (of course, i'm cutting to the gist of the conversation. there was a lot in the middle but it's all fluff.) I asked him what makes him the "Man for the Ladies", and he replies, "My body and my mind." I asked for the names and social security numbers of these ladies, but he wouldnt budge. I can bet none of his uncles nor his father can say that they were/are the Man for the Ladies. Well, here's a pic of the "Man for the Ladies".

And of course, here's his little sister.

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  1. “Man for the Ladies”? I want pictures of his ladies! Who’s Kaylee’s latest crush at school? They are so adorably cute.

  2. supposedly, there are no ladies at the moment. but of course i dont believe him. i dont know about kay’s crushes. i havent heard anything new.

  3. Henry wants to know why the little one looks like a thug.

  4. yo, dawg, she’ll put a cap in yo’ ass.

  5. kaylee has gone thru the whole roster of boys in her class… no current flavor of the week… she loves them all…

    meanwhile, back on the farm, the man for the ladies held the door open for me, and when i thanked him, he goes “mom, i TOLD you, i’m a man for the ladies!”

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