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A new year

Another year has gone by, and like many others, I can barely remember anything. What I remember most is working and going to school. Then again, I've been going to school (on and off) for all my life. (Side note, I should be graduating in Summer '07. woo hoo!) Steve & I didnt do much this past weekend. I cleaned. He sat. I reorganized furniture. He sat. I filed. He sat. Well, you get the gist. Dada came down New Year's Eve, and spent it with Steve & I. We did nothing but talk and drink. Yes, Dada had 2 (count them- uno, dos) shots of whiskey & absinthe. After we watched Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve, we chatted like school girls, and passed out. Dick Clark, btw, was slightly slurring and a second or two behind when counting down. Poor Dick Clark. I hope he'll still be around for '08.

Let's see what we did in 2006. In January, we did nothing. February was also a short month. March went by quickly. April was quiet. May ended my spring semester. June was the 6th month of the year. July, I was at mom & dad's for a few weeks 'cuz Steve was in Russia. August, we went to Maine. September, I did some more of nothing. October's Halloween was the first I actually dressed up. November, we went to my first Knicks game & we had courtside seats. December, we actually partied. And there was our 2006. Try not to be overwhelmed. :-)

2007 should be a good year. I might join a gym. I should be graduating. And eventually, I'm going to quit my job and be a bum. Woo hoo!

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  1. if by nothing, you mean “hung out with dada,” then yes, you did a lot of nothing. why am i not on that list?!

  2. when i say “we did nothing”, the we = me, dada & steve, and the nothing = nothing. it wouldnt make sense if “we hung out with dada” if the “we” includes dada.

  3. absinthe is gross! it leaves a weird taste or film on your tongue.

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