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Last Shopping Day

We went to the mall today in Pennsylvania for last minute Christmas gifts. It was a beautiful day today, really sunny and warm. The mall was pretty packed, but the line was pretty short at the Disney store. I picked up stuff there, Waldenbooks, Express, Macy's and American Eagle. I think I am officially done. We have a mountain of gifts here now around the tree, not quite under, because the tree is really really low and we really can't fit anything under it. Jayden and Kaylee have sooooo many gifts! They are going to be so excited when they're allowed to open their gifts.

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  1. this is what you people get for shopping the weekend of xmas! nice job on the Nintendo Gamecube Legos Star Wars!

  2. I totally blame your brothers for that. I left them in charge of it because we split up and they were in the video game store while eric and i were left to roam the mall alone. You’d think with the two of them, one of them would have caught the mistake. But I guess it’s the thought that counts?

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