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In Pennsylvania

Henry, Perry and I went to Pennsylvania today because we are having Christmas with Dada and the kids tomorrow. We had to get on the 78W, and we missed it twice before we finally got on i. After that, it was easy, except driving through the rain. We got up there in time for dinner with Dada and the kids. I watched a little bit of Aladdin with the kids. They were singing along with some of the songs, when I did too, Jayden looked at me like I had grown another head. He didn't realize I was telling the truth when I said I originally saw it in the theaters.

Now the kids are in bed and the adults are playing Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy. It's pretty fun and cute looking. I wanna buy it now! If anyone still needs to get me a gift, they can get me this.

Side thing, Perry got eye surgery to get a double eyelid. It looks really weird because they are still swollen and he just looks so odd with a double eyelid now. It's pretty noticable when someone gets it done.

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  1. it doesnt look too odd. it’s as noticeable (to me) as HG and his wacked tooth. this family is just full of oddities. thank goodness no one has yet caught me and my circus trick on camera……yet. :-)

  2. as the only normal one in the sham family, i would like to say that being related to a bunch of oddballs has not harmed me much…

  3. it’s funny how you think you’re the normal one.

  4. Your circus trick is amazing! We should catch it on camera. I think we tried to once, but you were too quick for us.

    PG’s eyes are going to take some getting used to, but I guess it’ll probably look more normal once the swelling goes down.

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