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5Dec/062 update2

okay, this is how it starts. the order was placed on 9/27/06. i get an error while placing it, and i email their on the same day telling them of my problem. they dont respond to me, so i contact them through their online form on 9/30/06. they respond to me the next day telling me that "due to extremely high traffic our site was overloaded and unable to process all requests properly. We have rectified all issues and the system is working correctly." i check my account, and apparently, the order was placed. so now, i'm wait for it to get processed. and i wait. and wait. and wait. i email them on 11/21/06 because i havent heard anything from them and my order has not been processed. i get no response. so i call them today, about 20 mins ago. i wait on hold for about 5 mins, until a woman gets on. i tell her my problem, and she looks up my information. apparently, she says, my order was waiting to get "authorization". she "doesnt understand why they have contacted me about my order if they were having problems." i ask her to cancel the order, which she does, happily might i add. i ask for either a confirmation order or email, and she says that they dont do that but she "could get them to email me", and then she hangs up.

apparently, i took up too much of her time with my 3 minute conversation. either that, or she was waiting to go home. if that's the case, i wouldnt have picked up the phone in the first place. man, she was rude. thank goodness my credit card was never charged. i'll probably never get that cancellation confirmation email. we'll see if i ever get charged or even acknowledged. i'd rather not get either.

good thing e.l.f. is sold at 99cents stores. with my bad experience with them, do i want to contribute to their revenue?

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  1. damn that really sucks! they really have horrible customer service.

  2. ++edit++ should be “..havent contacted me..”

    yeah, i dont know where they get these people. there’s probably an agency and a union dedicated to unhappy customer service reps. educational institutions and orgs definitely look for employees there!

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