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Thanksgiving 2006

The Thanksgiving menu this year consisted of:

  • turkey
  • 40 cloves cornish game hen
  • Peking style cornish game hen
  • sugar snap peas with bacon
  • Italian sausage stuffing
  • appetizers of cheese and crackers and Tostitos and salsa
  • glazed carrots
  • potato balls
  • roasted yams
  • pumpkin pie (store bought)
  • two bite brownies (also store bought)

Steve got the honor of cooking the main courses this year. He made the turkey and both cornish game hens. All were very delicious. I've never had a more juicy turkey. Dada said maybe next year we should make cornish game hens, two people for each cornish game hen. Could be interesting...

As usual, dinner at the Shams is always fun-filled. There are pictures of Perry hiding from when he was playing hide and seek with the kids. He draped Eric's coat over most of his body and blended in with the treadmill. Kaylee was given hints to look in the general direction of the treadmill and looked all around and even stood right in front of Perry but never noticed him. It was hilarious. Ben gave Jayden a cool hair style that we all loved. Jayden got hot and took off his shirt and unfortunately for me, I can fit a 7 year old's shirt. There were also games that involved Perry sitting in a chair while Kaylee spun him and Kaylee and Jayden both were on Henry's back while he spun them. I think Henry got more dizzy than the kids.

Dinner went back very quickly and I don't even think we finished half the food. Our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs. Dessert for the kids were the two bite brownies topped with whipped cream. The adults had pumpkin pie, topped with whipped cream too.

After dinner we played a round of Texas Hold 'Em. I am happy to say "the Beast" won. It was me versus Perry at the end. After that we got into a discussion about a You Tube video ( that Steve had sent around. Steve tried to emulate the video, but we didn't have the right cups and it doesn't seem to be that easy to copy. That was followed by more sitting around, just talking and laughing and flying paper planes (courtesy of Steve). And a Sham family night would not be complete without the Sham brothers and their brotherly love. It was topped off my an arm wrestling match, unfortunately for Henry, Perry won.

I wonder what Christmas will have in store for us this year.

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  1. as always, oda, thanks for the awesome pictures! has anyone been practicing the dice spins? i havent. i cant wait for the unveilance (is that even a word??) of the secret santas. i havent even made my wish list yet. on a good note, we have a month to do the shopping :-)

  2. I added one item to my wish list so far, so that kind of helps out my Secret Santa. I’ve been trying to find other items to add, but haven’t found anything yet.

  3. don’t forget the crazy distorted pics we took with the laptop! you should put up some of those pics and have people guess who it is!

  4. I totally forgot about those pics. I gotta get them off the laptop and post those pics, they were hilarious, we must share them with the rest of the world. =)

  5. must “we” share them with the world? really, has the world not seen enough of our strangeness?

    i, too, cannot think of anything either. i even walked through bed, bath and beyond, and i couldnt figure what i wanted. i think we should allow the giving of gift cards, again……

  6. i still only have one item on my wish list. you just better hope your person knows you well enough to get you something good.

    and those pics on the laptop were hilarious and so worth posting, and since they don’t look like us, it’s okay, we still have our anonmity.

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