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American Museum of Natural History

The kids (Jayden and Kaylee) are up this weekend and we originally planned on going to the Liberty Science Center, but it is being renovated and they are open in another location, but I don't think every exhibit was open Henry and I went with the kids and Eric to the American Museum of Natural History. We caught three shows, Cosmic Collisions, Ride Around the World and the Butterfly Conservatory.

Cosmic Collisions is played in the Hayden Planetarium and narrated by Robert Redford. It's a space show that Jayden and Kaylee had seen once before but Jayden loved it so much, he wanted to see it again. After watching it, it made me worry about an asteroid coming to earth, but we supposedly have a plan in case that happens. The Hayden Planetarium is pretty cool, Eric wants it in his living room.

Ride Around the World is shown in the IMAX theater. It's about cowboys all around the world. Kaylee fell asleep and Jayden was very fidgety during the show. Other kids were fidgety too, the girl in front of me kept on standing up. I would not recommend it for kids.

The Butterfly Conservatory was not a show, but something that is like a greenhouse that is very warm with plants everywhere and butterflies flying around. One landed on my head and a guy had passed over a butterfly that was on his hand over to Kaylee's hand. We got lots of pictures of it.

We looked at the mammals exhibit as well as the dinosaurs. But there was so much that we missed. You really need a couple of days to go through the whole museum. And some parts of the museum was very warm while other parts were a little breezy, so bring a jacket.

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  1. sounds like a lot of fun. i hope you guys took loads of pix. kaylee told me that jayden was too afraid of the butterflies to have them on his finger. i hate to admit to it, but i believe her.

  2. Unfortunately Kaylee was not lying. A nice Asian guy had caught it on his finger, than passed it to Kaylee. We tried to pass it to Jayden but he refused and said he was afraid. We took a bunch of pics and so did Eric with his super duper camera. I’ll post tonight or tomorrow.

  3. the pictures are great! the kids are soooo cute, and what hams!

    btw, CSI last week was good! cant wait for tomorrow’s. damn, i feel like a loser :-(

  4. I wanna see what Eric’s pictures look like. He brought the “real” camera. Have you seen his pics? They really are such hams, wonder who they get that from!

    I don’t know if tomorrow’s CSI will be a continuation of last week’s, didn’t look like it from the previews. They’re probably going to string us along again before we find out what’s up with those minature crime scenes.

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