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7Oct/065 update

one week after i emailed's customer service, and 3 days after i contacted them through their online form, i finally get a reply.

"we understand that you were having difficulties in placing an order on our website. Due to extremely high traffic our site was overloaded and unable to process all requests properly. We have rectified all issues and the system is working correctly."

so i double check my order by checking My Account on their site. lo and behold, my order did go through. i do understand that there was high traffic due to very inexpensive toiletries. but i hate the fact that it took them 1 week and 2 emails before they responded. i dont even think they received my first email! grr!

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  1. I am really convinced that they sent around the original e-mail with the Bloomgindale’s mention only to get more business and then it finally got back to Bloomingdales and Bloomies made them specify on their website that they had nothing to do with Bloomingdales or get sued. It was sneaky of them, but they got business that way, more business than they know what to do with. While I was placing my order, I got a message saying that shipping would be delayed because of high demand (probably from the fake e-mails claiming they were a new line from Bloomingdales, rat bastards!)

  2. Yeah, no one would buy their products if they didnt say that they’re affiliated with Bloomingdale’s or some other big name. I saw on their shopping cart that products would take about 3-5 weeks for shipping. Let’s see if we get our products.

  3. I e-mailed them about my order from 9/28, they said:

    Due to high volume it may take up to 3 – 5 weeks from the date ordered to ship your order, although your confirmation email may have stated a shorter wait time.
    Although your credit or debit card has been authorized, it will not be charged or debited until your shipment is in transit.
    We are processing your order and it will ship as soon as possible, and we are sure you will LOVE the products.
    We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.

    Have they charged your credit card?

  4. They’ve charged my credit card for my order, on 10/28. So hopefully it will come in this week. They also sent me a $5 coupon. But since they’re still experiencing delays, I’ll probably pass on the coupon.

  5. i finally got my order today!!!

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