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thanks, oda, for the link to bloomingdale's $1 makeup. it's odd how i'll buy $1 makeup online, but i wont get it at the $.99 store. wait, actually, i have. but it's bloomingdale's. now that's brand name. i'm about to do a shopping spree. although, i'm afraid how small these things are. oh man, s&h is

(++edit++ i seem to have weird grammar mistakes. i wish i'd have known, so that when i reread it, it wouldnt sound so off)
man, why are scabs so itchy?? i cant take it! i have a healing scratch that has scabbed over, and i've been scratching around it. i tried so hard not to scratch it off... but to no avail. too late. the scab is gone. here goes another reason i have weird marks on my body.

one of my professors asked the class if anyone is not going to graduate school. apparently, i was the only one that raised their hand. she was so curious as to why, so i mentioned that for the career that i am choosing to pursue, there is no need. and it's really expensive and no job is willing to pay for it. i really made all that up. i have no idea what career i'm going after right now. i'm just determined that it'll be something that i dont have to go to graduate school for. i didnt have the heart to tell her that i also hate school and will probably waste my time and money getting a masters because i'll probably end up with a bad grade.

eric, steve & i went for dinner at boulder creek, in gateway mall, this past monday. service was pretty slow due to the high volume. who would've thought that no one wanted to cook on a monday night? i mean, come on, it's only monday! anyway, food was decent. better than applebee's. i got half a rack of ribs & a lobster tail. they must've gotten the ribs from a starving animal because it wasnt very meaty, and it was small. the lobster tail was decent. eric & steve, each, had two large mugs of beer, which i believe was called Octoberfest (sp). it was like 2.5 - 3 beers in one mug. i could be overexaggerating, but no one will know. :-) i think eric & steve was flirting with our waitress, helga..i mean catherine. she ended up giving us dessert on the house, so we got key lime pie slices. yummy* if anyone wants free food, bring these two weirdos. they'll make almost rude comments in an annoyed but joking tone to make the server feel bad and give free food. woo hoo! :-)

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  1. I hate when I have scabs and your brother picks at them. I usually have to smack his hand away.

    eric and steve flirting? i have to see that!

  2. yes, flirting! and not with each other! hahaha

  3. And real flirting? Not nerdy computer talk?

  4. i do not believe that eric and steve were flirting, because i know that neither of them are capable of it… eric less so than steve. and if there was flirting, then it was beer induced. i mean, 2-3 beers per mug… that’s enough to make ODA start flirting.

  5. 2-3 beers for me? I wouldn’t be flirting, I’d be out cold and possibily snoring too. not a pretty picture.

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