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First Day of School for Number Two Daughter

What an exciting day! My littlest baby started preschool today! Granted, it's only three days a week, and it's only two and a half hours a day, but it's one step closer to the real deal. There were some tears and an occasional sniff, but Eric was fine after we left. Number Two Daughter marched into class and didn't turn back once. There went my tiny Napoleon, off to conquer new lands and enslave the natives.

kids bookbags.JPG kaylee first day 2.JPG kaylee first day.JPG

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  1. #2 daughter? does that mean you had a #1 daughter? awww… she’s SOOO adorable!! jayden’s bag looks HUGE!

  2. She looks so adorable in her plaid skirt and book bag. How did Jayden’s soccer game go?

  3. soccer is fine… team color is purple… boy needs more work, obviously… when can you and henry come up to coach?!!

  4. I’ll have to check with your brother on when we can coach Jayden.

    If you think Jayden’s school bag looks huge, you should see your brother’s. Yes! Your brother uses a big backpack and from what I understand he looks like a big dweeb. My former employee saw Henry one day after school and called to tell me it was HUGE.

  5. is it a backpack that goes on the back or is it the rolling carry-on?? hahaha.. man, here goes another reason why i will never go back for my masters.

  6. It goes on his BACK!! I’ll try to get a picture for you guys tomorrow, hopefully he won’t kill me.

  7. Those are the most posed shots I’ve ever seen. Did you or Eric not let her move until she got them shots just right?? He needs to stop wielding that japanese nerdcam that takes 12 pix in one second, cuz your daugter thinks she’s in a Macy’s catalog.

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