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Jayden starts 2nd grade…

Today number one son started second grade. The morning started off abruptly, as my alarm went off at 7 AM. Although this is not early for many of you, it was remarkably early in the PA Ruiz household, considering that our summertime wake up is around 8:30 (Kaylee), 9:00 (Jayden), and 9:30 (me). After throwing myself out of bed (literally) and getting ready, I was finally ready to wake the kids up. They, however, were not ready to get up. There were a couple of minutes of fighting, and two grumpy faces later, the kids were up and getting ready.

Number one son had a 50/50 day today, as he so eloquently put it. 50 for seeing all his first grade friends again, and 50 for actually being in school. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is the good 50. And the countdown to the next summer time sleep schedule has begun...

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  1. Was his second day any better?

  2. no, second day was also 50/50, but this week is better than next week. homework starts next week… :)

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