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landscaping, anyone?

This weekend, Steve & I went to Dada's for some relaxing and some landscaping. Okay, there was no relaxing. The children were as crazy and loveable as they always are. On Saturday, we did some landscaping. We actually did something before the landscaping, earlier in the day, but I cant seem to remember what it was. (oh yeah, we went to Borders!) Anyway, after much griping (on my part), Dada, Steve and I went to Home Depot to pick out some flowers and plants for her front lawn. After picking out a bunch of nice red & white flowers and some weed-looking stuff, we headed back home. We placed the flowers out on her lawn the way she envisioned it. It didnt take us longer than a second to realize that she didnt buy enough to landscape her lawn well.

Although we knew it wouldnt be enough at Home Depot, Steve and I couldnt convince Dada to buy more. Back home, we were able to break in the new garden tool set that Steve & I got Eric for Christmas years ago. Of course, the men didnt think it was a sufficient amount of tools (what fools) and decided to go get some more. By the time they got back, Dada & I were halfway done. Why do men have to make a mountain out of a mole hill!? Everything, to them, has to become so dramatic. The kids and I were searching for rocks in the backyard, and bringing them to the front so that we'd be able to decorate nicely. I worked those kids. There were some heavy rocks, but I figure it was time for their monthly workouts.

I didnt bring my camera up this weekend so I dont have pictures of her beautiful, yet pitiful, lawn. Another time, perhaps. If not by the party, then you guys will get to see it by then.

On Sunday, we went mini-golfing. It was Steve's first time mini-golfing! I know, I couldnt believe it either....although I'm sure he's mentioned it to me a few times. We did horribly. With 4 adults and 2 kids, we were holding up the line. Dada did want to let other people play through, but because we were so slow, if we did, we would've ended up letting EVERYONE play through. So, we took our time (but not too long). We tried playing with strategy but it didnt work well. The kids were adorable (Eric should have pictures -- he brought his SLR). At the end, I ended up going 5 over par, while the 3 fools were in their 60s. 44 was par for 18 holes. Dada ended with 63, Steve 66, and Eric 68. Steve, Eric, and I all had a hole-in-one once (each in a different hole). The reason for their losses, however, was that they had gotten stuck at some holes, each taking about 6-8 strokes. Of course, the kids did almost perfectly. Each tying with the other, with 1 over par.

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  1. Sounds like you’re ready to start going golfing with me and your brother!

    I can’t wait to see the lawn when we go up for the birthday party. Are you going on Friday or Saturday? I’m trying to convince your brother to drive down on Friday.

  2. I would probably be going up after work on Friday. I’m gonna wait until Steve gets off of work, which is around 6:30p. Either we’ll take the bus, or we’ll drive up. I’m gonna find out from PG if he’s driving up or not.

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