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The Flushing Shams

Here's an update on the Flushing Shams. We will no longer be the Flushing Shams, but will instead be the Manhattan Shams or the Hell's Kitchen Sham's. We will be moving at the end of this week. I think a branch of the Macungie Ruiz's may be helping out with the move. Don't know if we'll have a house warming since the place is pretty small and you Sham's are very loud, but eventually you'll all be invited over.

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  1. ridiculous! it’s not that long of a train ride! what are you guys doing with the flushing apt? if u guys waited until saturday, you guys can enlist your friends too! more people = quicker move.

  2. Housewarming?! You aint’t squeezing no more gifts from us! And why would we go all the way to Manhattan to a small rinky dinky rented apartment, when we can throw a party in your self owned apartment in Queens with our very own set of keys? Oops… did I say that?

  3. BTW- I like the Hell’s Kitchen Shams better than Manhattan Shams. We’re not snobby or ritzy enough to be the Manhattan Shams, but somehow “hell” and “kitchen” seem to fit us better.

  4. The Hell’s Kitchen Shams have been sweating their butts off in their non-air-conditioned apartment. Those little fans we have do pretty much nothing. You guys can stay over after Nora’s Bachelorette Party, if you want. We should have an a/c by then.

  5. We have an air conditioner! I think Henry wanted to shop around more but your dad made him buy one.

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