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July 4th Weekend O’ Fun

This will be a short post. I'll add commentary another time. I just want to put up photos for all to see. Here is the beginning of the weekend, where the "men" tried to put up the tarp. It took them a few tries before they finally got it right. The top middle part just wouldnt keep in place so there was much yelling [from PG].


Then they got tired, and this was the rest of their day.

Here is when the water balloons came out, and HG hit dada square in the head with one. Sad to say, the water balloon didnt pop, so it hurt all the more. (That rat also beamed me in the ribs, which was painful. But he got his day when he was hit in the eye by one, courtesy of PG.)

Here were the fireworks display that Steve & Christian so kindly spent most of Saturday evening creating.

some random pics.


Here's when Mom & Dad and a few of the relatives came to visit. There were 4 other people; 1 adult and 3 kids. The oldest kid was 16 or 17, and he was the only one that spoke English (but that's 'cuz he's an ABC). The other kids' (brother & sister) ranged between 10 - 16, respectively. Their mom is Mom's cousin, on grandma's side.

Hmm, I guess I didn't take that many pictures. Or if I did, it was a bunch of nothing. I cant seem to find any other cute/cool/weird/funky pictures. I know I carried that camera around but I guess I didnt do anything with them. Oh well. These pictures definitely summed up our weekend. Final day of fun.

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  1. Who is that handsome yet rugged shirtless man in the tan trunks? He makes me shiver with girlie delight. He’s like pie and chips, for free. Cmon, who doesn’t love free pie and chips. It’s pie with chips, for free!

  2. I really wish I could be there, if only to see how PG was able to get on top of HG.

    Damn! The kids and Dada are TAN!

    Question 1: Why is there a water bottle in Jayden’s pants?
    Question 2: Why does Kaylee have an umbrella out?
    Question 3: How did the fireworks look? HG has no recollection of them.
    Questoin 4: Thinny McThin? Couldn’t think of something better?

  3. They’ll have to reenact that for you

    Now the answers to a few of your questions:

    1) So he wouldnt have to hold it. Duh!
    2) ‘Cuz it was there.
    3) The fireworks were nice, but there was nothing in the aerial the night that PG & HG were there. It was just sparks shooting on the ground. The days after that, Steve & Chris were able to buy aerial ones. It was very nice, but not as nice as the Macy’s ones, of course.

  4. there was much merriment at the Macungie estate these past several days. to set some things straight -

    1. i did not really stab dad. he lives. still.

    2. yes, i did spend most of my time in front of the grill. there was non stop cooking and eating.

    to sum up, these past four days, between the Shams, the Ruizes, and the Asian Invasion (Mom’s relatives), we consumed 4 lbs of ground beef (18 burger buns), 20 hot dogs (with buns), 2 jars of pickles, 60 wings, 24 ears of corn, 48 hot and mild italian sausages, 9 pounds of flank steak, 3 large loaves of italian bread, 6 pounds of pasta salad (with cold cuts), one dozen deviled eggs with bacon, 48 bottles of beer, 24 bottles of water, 12 bottles of Snapple, 72 cans of soda, 5 pounds of bing cherries, and one large watermelon.

    that’s not including breakfast during any of the days, which included pancakes, potato latkes, insane amounts of bacon, smoked salmon, eggs, and McDonald’s.

    guess what was conspicuously missing? except for corn, and lettuce, there were hardly any veggies.

  5. I noticed that everybody was wearing the same thing in all photos, except the kids. They had two outfits that day or is it multiple days?

    henry also noted the lack of veggies, i think he said he never did number 2 while there, which is probably better for everybody.

    i’m sorry i missed out on the days and days of eating.

  6. hey dada,

    this will probably make you happy. nora took a look at the pics and noticed that you’ve lost weight! keep up the good work. =)

  7. the pix with HG & PG were all on the same day. as for the kids, it was separate days. as for dada’s outfit, i made an error. although she wore that outfit twice, that picture was taken on the same day as when mom & dad were here.

  8. Tell Nora that I love her. The weight loss has stalled. Mainly because mom and dad’s house puts weight on you as soon as you walk in. I have to cut down on my visits home just so I don’t gain any more weight back. Crazy.

    Next get together – nothing but veggies.

  9. so does that mean it’s all veggies tomorrow night? has your dad been informed?

  10. are you crazy!? all veggies!? but dont worry, there should be some veggies. what time are you & HG coming by?

  11. i’m not working tomorrow (Summer Friday!!!), so I’ll probably be there early. It’s your brother’s last day at work tomorrow, so he’s probably going to show up after we have dinner.

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