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Local PA Fair

Jayden and Kaylee on a roller coaster.

The kids and I went to our first local country fair, complete with rides, food contests, and farm animals. They had a lot of fun - going on almost every kids' ride. I went on only two rides with them, and I thought I was going to be sick, but they were like "more!" and "faster!" Those kids are coaster fanatics and speed hounds, unlike their mama.

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  1. The kids look so adorably happy.

  2. what a great photo of your children. not only do they show the pretense of happiness, but that there is no dysfunction in your family.

  3. cute picture!

  4. There is such joy in the kids face (and a little apprehension in Jayden), but you can see how happy they are. Makes me want to have a couple of my own… just not now.

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