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First Blog

Ok readers, welcome me to the 21st century. I am posting to my first blog.

I don't see the allure with blogging. It's like a diary.

Dear Diary,

Today Suzie was like, I like Billy. I told her I liked Billy. She is SUCH a b-tch! I told Stacie, who was like, Suzie is like totally a b-tch.

Anyways, who the heck wants to read what I have to say. This is probably for the people who feel they have surfed the entire Internet. For you people, I have a story.

The story will be in my second post... (see I already know how to get them coming back for more, or not, I don't give a flying.)

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  1. you know what? i’m billy’s rep and he thinks you, suzie, and stacie are all total *#&$^@*%s! nobody wants to read what you have to say. your blogs stink, like your underpants. boo! hiss!

  2. wow, your first blog and you’ve already made an enemy. it’s not like a diary. it is a diary, but public rather than private.

  3. Dada – you’re fired.

    I’m all about Suzie, Stacie and hanlaygua. Heck, wherever I can get it.

  4. so, who is billy?

  5. Billy is a quasi-fascist, who doesn’t understand good PR when it hits him on the head. It’s sad when the comments are more interesting than the blog. I’m starting a petition to block part 2 of the blog.

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