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Another Weekend @ Dada’s

Henry, Ben and I all went to Dada's last night. The worst part of the drive was getting out of the city, it took us forever to reach the Holland Tunnel, and there were a lot of morons in the two lanes for the Holland Tunnel who at the last second realized they were in the wrong lane. It took them 45 minutes to realize they were going the wrong way???

We started the morning without electricity. Apparently 2800 homes in Macungie were affected and ours was one of them. Ben and Dada painted most of the day while Henry and I babysat the kids. We took them bowling, to Friendly's and practiced some soccer with Jayden, played some tag and had some races. We ran those kids ragged, they will have very very pleasant dreams tonight. And hopefully tomorrow, they won't be up at the crack of dawn to wake us up.

We ended the night with a barbeque for dinner. There were Italian sausages, fresh made burgers and pasta salad. Everything was delicious thanks to Dada.

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  1. thanks for driving me, oda. (well, i know it was HG, but w/o you there, i’m sure there would’ve been complaining). i think it was 2300 homes. i didnt think macungie can fit even 23.

  2. i couldn’t remember if it wasn’t 2300 or 2500 or 2800, so i went with the largest number. it sounds better. =)

  3. hey ben, i hope you don’t need the car. guess who didn’t come over to pick up the car? he said he wasn’t feeling well and had someone drop him off at home AND never called to tell us. we had to call him around 10pm to find out where he was. not sure what we’re going to do with the car now and how/when it will make its way back to brooklyn. blame perry.

  4. first of all, macungie has lots of homes – more than just the 2300 that went without power. and second, no one but me really noticed that the power was out because you guys were all sleeping for the most part. power came back on around 9:30 in the morning, and the only thing that bugged us was the fact that we couldn’t continue with our tetris attacks marathon.

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