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Weekend @ Dada’s.

It was a beautiful weekend. The days were long, the temperature was hot, there were no children around. Woo hoo! Okay, the children were sorely missed. But we had gotten a lot accomplished. Both Jayden's room and the office are completely painted from ceiling to, yes, carpet. But the carpet park was really accidental. I would put pictures up, but the two I took came out very dark and the colors weren't noticeable.

Jayden's room is a dark blue, and the office is a grayish lavendar. They actually came out real nice. You guys'll see it in a couple of weeks. Well, not Oda. I'll take a better picture for you, Oda. Steve, Dada & I spent all day Saturday, and parts of Sunday, prepping, priming, trimming and painting. As much work as it was, we shelled it out quickly. 3 people, 2 rooms. We were good. Wait, wait.. We ARE good.

Steve & Dada went to pick up some packing equipment from a packing facility. It was a bunch of cardboard boxes and 2 rolls of bubblewrap. It was impossible to fit all of it in the truck, and another person in the back. Also, Dada couldn't see out of her rearview mirror. So plans were made to tie it to the top of the truck. Hard to see, but here's the process.

All through PA & Jersey, there were people staring at our bubblewrap. Some were even pointing. At one point, there was a busload of people just staring at us. Here is the size of one bubblewrap. It's 2 feet wide, 375 feet long, and .5 inch thick. Think about 2 of those on top of the car. Albeit, the sight was a bit humorous.

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  1. So what’s the verdict? Does Jayden like his new room?

  2. As of what Dada has told me, Jayden LOVES his new room. He has already made a password for all those wanting to enter. (Mainly to keep his sister out, I think) Kaylee is very upset that she didn’t get back and find her room painted. We’re planning on doing it this weekend. Are you guys down to help or busy golfing? It would be quicker with more people. *wink wink*

  3. I’m down to help AND we may be able to get a round of golf done while we’re in PA. But you gotta convince your brother and we have to fix our car problem. What color is her room going to be?

  4. Kaylee wants it to be light pink, and so it shall. Whilst one sibling has a light and cheery room, the other is dark and morbid. Yeah, if you guys come up, you wouldnt have to help paint. You’d just have to keep the kids out all day so that we’d get to paint. :-D

  5. It’s official, we are going down to PA this weekend. We’re probably going Friday night if you want a ride with us.

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