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Jayden’s Musical

Today was Jayden's first musical. It was more like a concert. The whole first grade was onstage singing. And, man, were they cute!!! Jayden, of course, was the cutest. I'd put pictures up, but they came out pretty bad -- very grainy and blurry. My digital zoom sucked, and we were pretty far back. There weren't a lot of people, but we weren't allowed to get too close. I guess they didn't want possible distractions. Anyway, the children did a great job. Jayden's attention span waned, but that's normal of children. Especially those with ADD. It was quite a few songs for these kids to remember. Good thing most of the kids remembered. Some kids were in their own zones. I'll try to edit the pics and get them up. For now......

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  1. Imagine you guys were closer, Jayden would have been distracted so much more. I didn’t know you were going down to watch Jayden. I’m glad you did or we’d never see the photos since his mommy hasn’t learned how to post yet. Yes, I’m talking to you Dada!

  2. Hey! I will post something… eventually. You guys should be glad I even know how to post a comment!

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