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Bored on a Saturday Night

Dada came down for the weekend, but didn't bring down the kids, to some people's disappointment, all right, to everbody's disappointment, but we still had a family dinner on Saturday, minus Perry and Eric (some one had to watch the kids). Dinner was followed by random chit-chat about who would be on our top 10 lists (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, etc), we had trouble thinking of hot men, I would add Eric Dane aka McSteamy and Michael Vartan, but I was the only one who knew who they are. There were also discussions on Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and X-Men. After a few hours of random topics and trying to figure out what to do with five of us and only one car, we ended up playing Texas Hold 'Em. Over Texas Hold 'Em, we came up with X-Men names for everybody, yes we were very bored and just a bit nerdy. The names are:

  • Ben: Storm
  • Dada: Cyclops
  • Eric: Juggernaut
  • Henry: Magneto
  • Oda: Beast
  • Perry: Iceman
  • Steve: Professor Xavier

I repeat, yes, it was nerdy of us, but we were bored and the card game was taking a long time.

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  1. how about Eric Bana (the Hulk)? he’s cute, when he’s not green or playing some fat guy in the movie Chopper(?).

  2. I think Eric Bana can be added to the list. I think he was pretty hot in Troy.

  3. Please take Eric Bana OFF the list. I do not agree that he is warm, let alone hot. However, you can add Christian Bale to the list of hot men. I can’t believe we can’t come up with more names than that. And I mean, more names of hot guys OVER the age of 25.

  4. Ok, Eric Bana is off. Christian Bale is definitely on! Over 25? I’m thinking over 30. Neither of us are spring chickens any more (as your brother likes to remind me).

    I found the Hottest Bachelors of 2006 on People’s site. There’s Paul Walker, Luke & Owen Wilson, Josh Lucas and Wentworth Miller to name a few. Then there’s also their World’s Most Beautiful People 2006 and 2005 with David Beckham, Josh Holloway and Jude Law. Any of those guys worthy of being added to our very short list?

  5. I agree with Paul Walker and Jude Law (who technically speaking is not that great looking, but has lots of angst, so that makes up for it). I can’t picture either Wilson brother as good looking, and the others are too young. Speaking of young, what about that guy from Stargate Atlantis (for the record, I don’t watch that nerdy show) – the one with the dreads and the light colored eyes? He’s young too, isn’t he?

  6. You’re thinking about Jason Momoa from North Shore and Stargate Atlantis, but yes he is young. He was born in 1979. We’ll work on our list some more this weekend over Texas Hold ‘Em.

  7. Jason Momoa? He sounds ethnic, so he’s forgiven for being young. Very nice looking eyes. Wow.

  8. Any one think the new Superman is cute? I don’t, but was just wondering…

  9. He looks like every other white boy Hollywood newcomer. Nothing to differentiate him from all the other newbies. At least with the old crowd (Clooney, Pitt, Harrison Ford, etc.) – they all had distinctive looks that set them apart from each other.

  10. On my way to Vegas, I saw part of Annapolis and James Franco should be on our list, even though he is younger than me. He is pretty hot!

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