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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was great. Let's keep you guys updated with what went on. Started with a great "Summer Friday", which meant that I could leave work at 3pm on Friday. Jetted to Port Authority, where Steve & I took the bus to PA. Dada and her children picked us up, and brought us back to their abode. The next day, we went to the MayFair Festival, which was similar to the festival in Little Italy, but had more things to do. Everything cost money, except for the live entertainment, which was scattered around. They had soul music in one area, rock in another, and old people music in another. We ended up walking around and dogging a 5+ lb bag of kettle corn, and doing the paddle boat activity. As you can see from the picture, the kids were treated like royalty... or something like that...

On Sunday, we went to Hershey Park. It was a beautiful day to go. The place was nice, crowded, and very overpriced. We all had a fantastic time. Dada went on her first rollercoaster, called StormRider or StormRunner. It was a 15 second ride, but it was a good one. I don't have any pictures of that, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it'd be. The lines for rides were ridiculous. A water ride Kaylee & I were waiting for ended up having over an hour wait, and by the time we got to the top, it was broken. We ended up skipping people on another water ride. The kids went on a good amount of rides, although I'm sure they wouldn't have minded more. It was mainly a kids place, although Eric & Steve went on a rollercoaster too.

Afterwards, we had a tour of the Chocolate Factory. It was cool. Not as great as I thought it'd be. But then again, I was picturing Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Suffice to say, we only went because it was free. The free chocolate they gave out at the end was pathetic, and their gift shop was very expensive. In my opinion, there's no point to go again. It's nothing special. The Chocolate Factory is separate from the amusement park. But all in all, it was a cool place and we had a great time.

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  1. What is Kaylee doing in that first picture? (I’m happy you figured out how to upload with pictures and very excited to see the pictures.) Sorry Henry and I couldn’t go. =( Did Dada wet herself on the roller coaster? I would have loved to see pictures of her on it. Who gave Jayden a hair cut? He looks like he’s gotten taller.

  2. Kaylee’s just holding up her wand. But it does look like she’s about to hit Jayden, doesnt it? Dada didnt wet herself, although if she did, I dont think she’d tell us. Eric cut Jayden’s hair (of course), and Dada cut Kaylee’s. I’m trying to convince them to change J’s haircut next time. He’s getting too old for that. Still cute, but eh. Maybe when we go to Dorney Park, you guys can schedule us in. :-)

  3. we’ll definitely try to make dorney park, just make sure it’s before henry starts school.

  4. Let me set the record straight – I did NOT wet myself, as everyone anticipated. I did however lose my heart, stomach, lungs and the left kidney on that ride (it’s called the StormRunner). It shot us out like a bullet only to drop us vertically and twist us upside down. True, it was about a 45 second ride, so there’s not much to talk about. However, I will say this: when I felt air between my buns and the chair, I knew that I stared Death in the face.

  5. I am very glad you did not wet yourself on the ride. Now you’ve gotta go try Nitro at Great Adventure and sit in the first row, then you’ll really know what staring Death in the face is.

  6. We could’ve sat in the 1st row for the StormRunner, but SOMEBODY refused to walk to that line with me. She’s lucky she didnt go with HG ‘cuz he would’ve dragged her to the front. Nitro was great. It’s also a short ride, though not as short as that one, so at least you know Death will be quick.

  7. He would have definitely made her wait for the first row. I think we waited 30 minutes for Nitro for the first row and I really think that killed me for all roller coasters.

  8. that just assures that i will never get on a roller coaster ride with henry. i’m not feeling the roller coaster thrill – i’d just as soon eat day old sushi than try that again.

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