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Thoughts From The Throne -Vol 2 Issue 1

Hello and Happy New Year!

A new year, and a new season of Bathroom Musing. This year, let it be the year of change. Change from old habbits. Change from boring routines. Change from stale ideas and yesterday's thoughts.

This year, let's resolve to make our musing time a little less about and a lot more about fun! Here are some new (and inventive) ways to spice up your personal time:

  • Bored of the same old stale newspapers and magazines? Books on tape! Now you can properly ignore your family's stomach churning knocks and interruptions.
  • Nothing to read but the back of toothpaste tubes? Try a coloring book. But take care - those crayons are slippery.
  • Need something quick and meaningful? Sunday comics are the best when you need a little stimulation for those quick (but powerful) sessions.

When all is said on done - there is really no limit on what you can do when you have to do.

We welcome any letters and suggestions our readers! And the next time we're... um... pondering... we shall endeavor to read your responses! Efficiency at its best!

Fare thee well, dear readers, and until next time - I can, you can, we all think on the can.

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